Thursday Book Review: “A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love”

We’re starting to get in the wintry holiday spirit here, and A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love by Linn B. Halton is the perfect book for this time of year. This sweet Choc Lit story takes place over two Christmases and three birthdays. It has just enough of a holiday/winter setting to get us excited for the season to come! Keep reading to see what reviewers think of this book.  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “A Little Sugar, A Lot of Love””

Food Friday: “Where’s My Spatula?”

When it’s this cold outside (currently 24 degrees F where we’re located), comfort food is a must. That’s where today’s recipe from Capital Books‘s Where’s My Spatula? comes in! This book is full of fast healthy recipes, but it has a few indulgences, too. And the best part? This delightful cookbook is only $10.00!

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Editor’s Picks: Escape the Cold this Winter

This week at our Pennsylvania office, it’s suddenly dropped below freezing (current temperature: 19 degrees). The good news is, the weather has inspired us to find books to escape that dreary winter chill. From travel guides, to summertime romances, these titles will help you escape the cold this winter.

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