World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day! We’re celebrating with books about climate change, the environment, and the creatures who inhabit our planet. Read these books, and get motivated to make a positive change in your community to help protect our environment.

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#FridayReads: Nature & Wildlife

Earth Day this Saturday has us thinking about the beauty in the natural world all around us! Our #FridayReads books this week range from titles that showcase some of the best of Earth’s flora and fauna, to a book that shows the effect climate change has had on our shorelines, highlighting the need for change before it’s too late.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Nature & Wildlife”

National Walking Day

It’s a beautiful day here in the Northeast US, and it also happens to be National Walking Day! We’ve put together a list of 20 books that will inspire your next nature walk, no matter where in the world you find yourself. From the small-town south, to the African wilds, check out these books all about the beauty of nature (then get outside and find some nature in your neighborhood!).  Continue reading “National Walking Day”

#FridayReads: World Wildlife Day

In honor of World Wildlife Day (and because, really, every day should be World Wildlife Day) we’ve picked a few of our favorite wildlife-themed books to share as this week’s Friday Reads. Keep reading to see our picks, and click here to view all of our wildlife & nature books on our website!  Continue reading “#FridayReads: World Wildlife Day”

New Releases!

This week, we received quite a few new books, in a bunch of different subjects! (If you get our emails, you may already know this. If not, you can sign up here)

Keep reading to see a few of our new titles! Subjects include:
Mystery & Detective Fiction
War Fiction
Romance Fiction
Nature & Wildlife

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Thursday Book Review: “Recycled Realities”

Today’s book review is about one of the many beautiful photography books from George F Thompson Publishing. We’re featuring four wonderful review quotes about Recycled Realities by John Willis & Tom Young.

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New Releases!

Check out some of our new releases from January and February. These cover a wide variety of subjects, from business, to romance, to photography, to nonfiction, and more!

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Editor’s Picks: 5 Books on African Wildlife

Africa is home to some of the world’s most majestic and exotic wildlife. Lions, buffalo, elephants, sharks; the animals that call Africa their habitat are incredibly varied, endlessly captivating, and you can often find them on the endangered species list. The five books you’ll find below are filled with stunning photographs and interesting facts about these remarkable creatures.

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