Thursday Book Review: “Dublin Seven”

Take a trip to Ireland’s gritty underbelly with this week’s featured book: Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney. Liberties Press has become Ireland’s leading independent publisher, and they have another hit fiction title on their hands with this book. Keep reading to see what reviewers have said about Dublin Seven.   Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Dublin Seven””

#FridayReads: Mystery & Thriller

Happy Friday! It’s rainy here in the Northeast, so we’ll be staying in all weekend and curling up with some of our favorite mysteries & thrillers. Keep reading to check them out.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Mystery & Thriller”

Thursday Book Review: “Children’s Children”

This week’s featured book is a Sabateur Awards-nominated title from Liberties Press: Children’s Children by Jan Carson. Keep reading to see what reviewers think of this unique, poignant collection of short stories.  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Children’s Children””

Thursday Book Review: “Vinny’s Wilderness”

This week’s featured book is soon to be available in the US! We expect to have copies of Vinny’s Wilderness by Janet Shepperson early next week. This Liberties Press title has already received some wonderful reviews. Keep reading to see what readers think of Vinny’s WildernessContinue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Vinny’s Wilderness””


October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of mental health and encouraging discussion about the subject. Liberties Press published a wonderful series of books by a doctor based in Ireland who is fully committed to seeking to counteract the disruptive effects of mental illness. Dr. Harry Barry regularly features on Irish national radio and in national print to discuss mental health issues, including Today FM and The Irish Independent. In the spirit of World Mental Health Day, we’d like to share his series of mental health books with you.  Continue reading “#WorldMentalHealthDay”

Thursday Book Review: “The Bones of It”

October is the perfect time of year for reading haunting mysteries and psychological thrillers. The Bones of It by Kelly Creighton, from Liberties Press, is a psychological crime thriller set in present day County Down, Northern Ireland. Keep reading to see what reviewers think and learn more about this book!  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “The Bones of It””

#FridayReads: Motivation & Inspiration

We can all use a bit of extra motivation when it comes to achieving our dreams. These two books from Liberties Press are here to help! Both written by persons with loads of experience in persevering towards their goals, or successfully presenting themselves to an audience, these are just the books  you need to start working towards your dream career: Continue reading “#FridayReads: Motivation & Inspiration”

Thursday Book Review: “Sustenance”

Elizabeth Wassell is an American novelist who now resides in Ireland. Her book Sustenance is the focus of this week’s Thursday Book Review. Sustenance journeys into respected food critic Lily’s sumptuous world, but also delves into a past filled with menace. It’s a captivating work of fiction filled with romance, secrets, and mouth-watering descriptions of food. See what readers have been saying about this Liberties Press title, and purchase your copy today! Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Sustenance””

Thursday Book Review: “Citizens” by Kevin Curran

This week’s featured title comes to us from Liberties Press. It’s scheduled to be released in the US this summer (likely within a couple weeks), and it’s been getting some great reviews thus far! Citizens by Kevin Curran is split between 1916 and present-day Ireland. Read on to learn more about this captivating story and see what readers have been saying about it… Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Citizens” by Kevin Curran”

Jan Carson’s “Children’s Children” is on the Saboteur Awards shortlist for Best Short Story Collection!

Voting is open for the Saboteur Awards now through May 24th, and you can vote for Jan Carson and Liberties Press‘s Children’s Children to win the Best Short Story Collection category!

You can read all about the nominees for this category in this Sabotage Review article: Spotlight on the Best Short Story Collection Shortlist

To view all the categories and place your vote, click here.

Haven’t read Children’s Children yet, but want to know what all the hype is about? We’ve got you covered:

9781910742297Children’s Children is a collection of fifteen short stories which cast a darkly humorous and oftentimes acidic eye, over life in post-conflict Northern Ireland. The stories contained in the collection are an eclectic selection of pieces which vary from traditional literary fiction to magic realism and subtle experiments with the short story form. They deal with the theme of legacy; the achievements, issues and problems this generation has inherited from the previous. Disillusioned street preachers, adulterous grocery shoppers, robotic brothers and child burglars are all given voice to express their experiences of life in contemporary Northern Ireland as Carson blurs the line between social commentary and modern parable.

This book will soon be available in the US! You can pre-order your copy here on our website, or through any major bookseller.