#FridayReads: Take Me to the Shore

Happy weekend! This week’s #FridayReads are romance, mysteries, and thrillers to pack in your beach bag as you head to the shore.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Take Me to the Shore”

#FridayReads: Recent Releases

We’ve received a bunch of new titles in the past few weeks, so we’re taking this #FridayReads opportunity to share some with you! Keep reading to check out four of our newest books in all types of genres.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Recent Releases”

#FridayReads: Historical Romance

This weekend, we’re traveling back in time with Historical Romance novels! Journey to World War II England, 1870s Wyoming, and more with these books.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Historical Romance”

Thursday Book Review: “The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight”

Christina Courtenay’s newest novel The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight is back in stock! To celebrate, we’re sharing some of the great reviews it’s received so far. Keep reading to see what reviewers have been saying about this enchanting time-slip romance.  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “The Velvet Cloak of Moonlight””

Choc Lit Titles Shortlisted for the RoNAs!

Two of the Choc Lit books we distribute have been shortlisted for this year’s Romantic Novel Awards! We’re so excited for these authors, and we’re excited to share these titles with you! Keep reading to see which books made the shortlists this year.  Continue reading “Choc Lit Titles Shortlisted for the RoNAs!”

#FridayReads: Seasons of War

This weekend, we’re all about historical fiction. The Seasons of War Quartet, by Amy Myers, follows four friends throughout their experiences during the First World War, beginning with the summer of 1914, just before the war begins, and ending . Now that all four titles are finally available, they’re the perfect weekend escape! Keep reading to learn about the four Seasons of War books.

Continue reading “#FridayReads: Seasons of War”

#FridayReads: Action & Adventure

This weekend, we’re all about stories that take us on a journey, preferably involving crusades, fighting, knights, piracy, or something of that ilk. Go on a reading adventure with one of these action tales:  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Action & Adventure”

#FridayReads: Fictional Favorites

Happy weekend! Celebrate with one of our recent fiction titles. Romance, mystery, paranormal, and more great books are now available. And don’t forget, when you join our mailing list you’ll receive a coupon for 30% off your next purchase! Continue reading “#FridayReads: Fictional Favorites”

What We’re Reading: “The Jade Lioness” by Christina Courtenay

The final book in Christina Courtenay’s acclaimed Kumashiro Saga is now available, and I couldn’t resist reading it as soon as we got a copy in the office! The first book in the saga, The Scarlet Kimono, won the Big Red Reads 2011 Best Historical Fiction Award, and the second book, The Gilded Fan, won the Romantic Novelists Assocation’s 2014 Historical Romantic Novel of the Year Award. Read on to see my thoughts, and other reviews, on The Jade LionessContinue reading “What We’re Reading: “The Jade Lioness” by Christina Courtenay”