Thursday Book Review: “Race to the Kill”

Today’s featured book is a gripping thriller from Allison & Busby: Race to the Kill by Helen Cadbury. This is the third in a series that follows PC Sean Denton, and reviewers have been loving it so far! Keep reading to see what reviewers have said about this book.  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Race to the Kill””


Thursday Book Review: “Absolute Zero Cool”

It’s almost the weekend! If you’re looking for a book to add to your weekend reading list, try this post-modern take on the crime thriller genre from Liberties Press. Check out what reviewers are saying about Absolute Zero Cool by Declan Burke.  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Absolute Zero Cool””

Thursday Book Review: “Bright Shiny Things”

This week’s review is one of the most anticipated titles on our Summer list! Bright Shiny Things, newly released from Allison & Busby, is a timely thrilled set in London’s East End and the shady, underground world of radical Islamic recruitment. Keep reading to see what reviewers have said about this book.  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Bright Shiny Things””

“Striking Murder” Shortlisted for the CWA Endeavour Historical Dagger!

Happy Monday, and Happy August! We’ve got some great news to kick off the brand new month. Striking Murder by AJ Wright, an Allison & Busby historical mystery, has been shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Assocation’s Endeavour Historical Dagger! This award goes to the best historical crime novel published in the UK within the judging period. Striking Murder couldn’t be more deserving of the honor. The Historical Novels Review said about this book, “…the plot is fast-paced and cleverly strewn with red herrings and subtle clues. Highly recommended.”

9780749019341Striking Murder by A.J. Wright

1893. Wigan is in the grip of a devastating national miners’ strike and a harsh winter. Arthur Morris, a wealthy colliery owner whose intransigence on miners’ pay is the main cause of the strike, is found brutally murdered in Scholes, a rough working-class district where he is universally hated and blamed for the grinding hardship the strike is causing. Detective Sergeant Slevin is tasked with finding the murderer and when a mysterious stranger is found bludgeoned to death, Slevin starts to unravel a twisted thread of interwoven clues that will lead to the murderer.

Hardback now available. Paperback available for pre-order.

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