#FridayReads: Recent Releases

Happy Friday! We’re so excited to share some of the recently-released titles we’ll be diving into this weekend. This selection of books is a fantastic example of Casemate IPM’s diverse and growing book list – it features a nostalgic photobook, an earthy art title, a beautifully-illustrated classic work, and a true crime tale. Dive in and get reading!  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Recent Releases”

#FridayReads: Time Travel

These #FridayReads picks will take you on a journey through time. From a classic tale in two new formats, to a romantic series with a time-traveling twist, these books are perfect reads for a cozy winter evening.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Time Travel”

FridayReads: Recent Releases

This weekend, check out some of our newest titles! From comic book versions of classic tales, to a history newspaper gossip surrounding the Victorian theater, to a beautiful photobook of wildlife pictures, you don’t want to miss these #FridayReads.  Continue reading “FridayReads: Recent Releases”

World Students’ Day

Happy World Students’ Day! I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you a bunch of our titles that are perfect for students at every level. From books for students learning to read, to titles to help students transitioning into college, to text for business students at college level and above, we have books for almost every student’s needs! Keep reading to see the list.  Continue reading “World Students’ Day”

#FridayReads: Comic Books

This weekend, we’re diving into some Classics Illustrated comic books! These titles bring your favorite works of literature to life in beautifully-illustrated comic book format.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Comic Books”

#TravelTuesday: Fantasy Worlds

This #TravelTuesday, we’ll take you to worlds you can’t experience any other way! From stories set in alternate universes, to worlds where time travel, ghosts, or vampires are real, to zombie attack survival guides & more, let these books be your escape from reality this week. Continue reading “#TravelTuesday: Fantasy Worlds”

Charles Dickens

Today (June 9th) marks the 146th anniversary of Charles Dickens’s death. He created some of the best-known characters in fiction, and he is widely recognized as one of – if not the – greatest novelists of  the Victorian era. Celebrate the life of this prolific author with these books, written by and about Charles Dickens.  Continue reading “Charles Dickens”

All About Shakespeare

Can’t get enough Shakespeare this week? Us either! Here’s a collection of our favorite works by and about the great playwright, in honor of #Shakespeare400.
Continue reading “All About Shakespeare”

Editor’s Picks: The Ides of March

The Ides of March, with the infamous assassination of Julius Caesar, became a turning point in Roman History. This date is one of the historical markers of Rome’s transition from the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire.

Continue reading “Editor’s Picks: The Ides of March”

“Read Across America” with Real Reads & Classics Illustrated!

Celebrate #ReadAcrossAmerica Day with your young readers through these fantastic titles from Real Reads and Classics Illustrated. Both publishers aim to make the classics more accessible to young, learning, and reluctant readers. Keep reading to see a selection of titles from both series!

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