FridayReads: Adventurers & Explorers

Go on an adventure this weekend with these #FridayReads selections! Travel with these explorers through all different parts of the globe.  Continue reading “FridayReads: Adventurers & Explorers”


#FridayReads: Recent Releases

We’ve received a bunch of new titles in the past few weeks, so we’re taking this #FridayReads opportunity to share some with you! Keep reading to check out four of our newest books in all types of genres.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Recent Releases”

Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly

In their December issue, Books Monthly has written great reviews of several of our titles, in genres such as Tudor history, transportation, and biography. See what they had to say about our books!  Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly”

#FridayReads: Get Lost in History

Brush up on history this weekend with our #FridayReads selections! These captivating tomes are so much more than your average history books… read about tales that time forgot, what life was really like in the middle ages, the lives of two women who refused to live by the conventions of their time, and the woman who could have been Henry VIII’s seventh queen.  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Get Lost in History”

“Back to School” Reading List

It’s that time of year… summer has (sadly) come to an end, and “back to school” season is upon us. Whether or not you’re actually headed back to school this year, we’ve compiled a reading list full of books on history, culture, and some fiction to kick your brain into gear. Check out a few of our favorites below, and view our entire “Back to School” Reading List here.

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Thursday Book Review: “Sir Henry Neville Was Shakespeare”

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today’s book review comes from The Bookbag, about a new release from Amberley Publishing.

Sir Henry Neville Was Shakespeare is the fascinating story of a man who was more historically likely to have written the works that are today attributed to William Shakespeare.

You can read the original book review on The Bookbag here. Keep reading for quotes from the review and more information about the book! Continue reading “Thursday Book Review: “Sir Henry Neville Was Shakespeare””

Charles Dickens

Today (June 9th) marks the 146th anniversary of Charles Dickens’s death. He created some of the best-known characters in fiction, and he is widely recognized as one of – if not the – greatest novelists of  the Victorian era. Celebrate the life of this prolific author with these books, written by and about Charles Dickens.  Continue reading “Charles Dickens”

All About Shakespeare

Can’t get enough Shakespeare this week? Us either! Here’s a collection of our favorite works by and about the great playwright, in honor of #Shakespeare400.
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Publisher Spotlight: Bellagio Press

Bellagio Press is an imprint of TAJ Books International, a California-based trade art publisher. They specialize in smaller format, photographic-based titles that appeal to the general public.

The TAJ Mini Books series from Bellagio Press is comprised of twenty books that vary in subject, including biographies, reference, and art books. Casemate IPM is proud to distribute six of these beautifully designed titles, which you’ll find below.

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