#FridayReads: Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today we celebrate one of the best days of the year – Take Your Dog to Work Day! We’ve compiled a list of books all about man’s best friend. Whether or not you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend in your office, you can delight in these animal tales! 🐾  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Take Your Dog to Work Day”


National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day is celebrated in remembrance of Steve Irwin, and its goal is to bring awareness to endangered species around the globe. There are so many ways you can help support wildlife conservation. One of the first places to start is through education. The books in this list consist of wildlife identification guides, stories about animal conservation, tales from an African national park, guides to animal behavior, and more. Learn more about your favorite wild creatures with these books, then visit the National Wildlife Day website to find out how you can help endangered species around the world.  Continue reading “National Wildlife Day”

World Elephant Day

It’s World Elephant Day, so we’re celebrating all things elephant with these books! Learn more about these giant mammals, the plight they face today, and read some African folktales involving these majestic creatures.  Continue reading “World Elephant Day”

World Environment Day

Happy World Environment Day! We’re celebrating with books about climate change, the environment, and the creatures who inhabit our planet. Read these books, and get motivated to make a positive change in your community to help protect our environment.

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#FridayReads: World Wildlife Day

In honor of World Wildlife Day (and because, really, every day should be World Wildlife Day) we’ve picked a few of our favorite wildlife-themed books to share as this week’s Friday Reads. Keep reading to see our picks, and click here to view all of our wildlife & nature books on our website!  Continue reading “#FridayReads: World Wildlife Day”

World Lion Day

Lions are among Earth’s most magnificent animals, and World Lion Day is all about celebrating their existence and spreading awareness of their plight. We’re pleased to share with you some of our favorite books on lions and Africa’s many other beautiful creatures from Penguin Random House South Africa. Filled with beautiful photographs and important, fascinating facts, these books are a wonderful addition to any animal enthusiast’s library.  Continue reading “World Lion Day”

National Coloring Book Day [Special Offer]

Yesterday was National Coloring Book Day, but the fun doesn’t have to end just yet! All of our coloring books are 25% off through Monday, August 8th. Keep reading to check out a few of our fabulously fun coloring books, or click here to go straight to our website and purchase yours 🖍📚 Continue reading “National Coloring Book Day [Special Offer]”

Meet Jane Lovering’s three canine writing partners (USA Today Article)

Romance lovers & dog lovers, check out this USA Today Life Happily Ever After article on Jane Lovering (a Choc Lit author) and her three puppies!

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Just In: 2016 Calendars from Carousel Calendars!


Carousel Calendars is the UK’s largest calendar publisher, publishing over 500 titles, including a number of top licenses, regional calendars, and a wide range of other titles in innovative formats and designs. They also produce a number of calendars that are exclusive to particular charities, retailers, and other organizations.

Below, you’ll find 2016 calendars distributed by Casemate IPM.

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Editor’s Picks: Who Says Coloring Books are Just for Kids?

Struik Nature, a Penguin Random House South Africa imprint, creates fun and educational coloring books all about Africa.

You might think coloring books are just for kids, but you’d be wrong about that. While these books are fantastic for teaching children about the exotic wildlife found in Africa, they also provide a great way for adults to unwind after a long day. Coloring is relaxing and great for stress relief.

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