Shark Week Reading List

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#FridayReads: Beach Reads

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! While the most important part of MDW is honoring our servicemen & women, it’s also a great opportunity to head to the beach for the long weekend. If any of you have a beach trip planned, these #FridayReads will be the perfect books to accompany you into the sand!  Continue reading “#FridayReads: Beach Reads”

The Bears that Inspired “Winnie the Pooh”

Happy birthday A.A. Milne!

Today is also known as “Winnie the Pooh Day”. Winnie the Pooh is an iconic figure, but did you know that real-life teddy bears inspired the famous character?

The Farnell teddy bear, created by J K Farnell & Co Ltd, was the first teddy bear manufactured in Britain, and these furry friends were the actual inspiration behind Winnie the Pooh. If you’re interested in learning more about these famous toys, we have just the book for you!  Continue reading “The Bears that Inspired “Winnie the Pooh””

~Spooky~ Books to Read this Halloween

Celebrate Halloween with one of these books! From ghost stories, to paranormal romance, to murder mysteries, we have all your Halloween reading needs covered.  Continue reading “~Spooky~ Books to Read this Halloween”

Happy Read A Book Day!

Today is one of our favorite days of the year: Read A Book Day! In honor of this special occasion, we’ve decided to share some book recommendations with you. Here are some of our favorite recent arrivals, which you should definitely consider picking up for Read A Book DayContinue reading “Happy Read A Book Day!”

Father’s Day Books to Share With Your Dad

These books are the perfect gift to share with the Dad who loves reading this Father’s Day!

In this list you’ll find nonfiction books about dads, mysteries to intrigue dad’s inner detective, family-oriented fiction, and more! Continue reading “Father’s Day Books to Share With Your Dad”

Food Friday: [NEW!] “Veggie Fast Food”

Today’s Food Friday recipe comes from a brand new release from Grub Street Publishing: Veggie Fast Food by Clarissa & Florian Sehn.

This book, in addition to being full of delicious, fast, vegetarian recipes, is beautifully illustrated with full-color photos for each recipe. Bonus: it even includes vegan alternatives, when possible. Whether you’re a vegetarian, a vegan, or neither, this book is worth a look for the creative recipes you’ll find within.

About the book:
9781910690185Are you under the impression that vegetarians can’t have fast food? On the contrary! This exciting new cookbook offers more than 80 quick and easy veggie recipes – from Manchego quesadillas and TexMex burgers to tomato-cinnamon fries and No Tuna Sandwich. This is the book of vegetarian food for those in a hurry, and the handy ‘vegan traffic light’ indicators – red for vegetarian; yellow for vegan adaptation and green for vegan make it easy to find vegan options just as quickly. The authors Clarissa and Florian Sehn, discovered their love of vegetarian and vegan cuisine together. Soon, however, they ran out of creative ideas – they needed a new recipe book. So they decided to develop recipes themselves and this is the result. Their first cookbook is dedicated to vegetarian fast food, which they consider has always received short shrift – until now.

It’s Memorial Weekend, so obviously we had to choose a veggie burger recipe! This Tex Mex Burger is so good that even meat-lovers will want to give it a try. Keep reading for the full recipe… Continue reading “Food Friday: [NEW!] “Veggie Fast Food””

Advent Calendar Giveaway: Day 24!

It’s the last day of the Casemate Advent Calendar Giveaway!
Thank you to everyone who entered the daily giveaways.
Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas from the Casemate IPM team!

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Advent Calendar Giveaway: Day 23

Each day from December 1st through 24th, you can enter for a chance to win a free copy of the daily book! Head over to Twitter to join in the fun.

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