Food Friday: “JAN: A Breath of French Air”

This Friday, we’re so excited to share with you a recipe from JAN: A Breath of French Air. This new cookbook from Penguin Random House South Africa is so beautifully presented that you have to see it yourself to believe it. It’s thoroughly illustrated with full color, striking images of Jan Henrick van der Westhuizen‘s restaurant and food on almost every page. It was extremely difficult to choose just one recipe from the many delicious ones you’ll find within, but we did it! Read on to learn all about the book, watch a short video featuring Jan, his restaurant, and his food, and learn how to cook like a Michelin star chef at home! Continue reading “Food Friday: “JAN: A Breath of French Air””

Food Friday: “The Culinary Adventures of a Travelling Cook”

Chocolate cream puffs. That’s all you need to know about this week’s Food Friday recipe.

This (delicious!) recipe comes from The Culinary Adventures of a Travelling Cook. The book, published by Penguin Random House South Africa, was written by an African cook and artist, and you’ll love the humorous anecdotes that accompany the recipes within.

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Food Friday: Margaret Costa’s “Four Seasons Cookery Book”

The Four Seasons Cookery Book is packed full of recipes inspired by each season, has everything you’d need to create a year full of feasts. I picked today’s recipe for two reasons. 1) It sounds delicious and comes from the “Spring” section of this book, and 2) I really enjoy the name of this recipe 🙂
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Food Friday: “The Taste of Belgium”

Today’s recipe comes from Grub Street Publishing‘s The Taste of Belgium! And what food is more synonymous with “Belgian” than a waffle? Enhance your mornings this weekend with the fantastic, truly Belgian waffle recipe you’ll find in this article.

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Food Friday: “The Dal Cookbook”

This week’s featured Grub Street Publishing cookbook is The Dal Cookbook. Add some ethnic flavors to your weekend with this traditional Indian cuisine.

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Food Friday: “Round the World in Eighty Dishes”

Today’s Food Friday book is from Grub Street Publishing. Round the World in Eighty Dishes is a collection of recipes from all over the world, organized by region. My favorite parts of this fantastic cookbook are the anecdotes that accompany each recipe. They are fascinating in that (being originally written in the 1950s) they bring you back in time. It is a highly interesting glimpse at a cookbook from the past, with recipes that still resonate today.

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Food Friday: “A Taste of Israel”

This week we’re featuring a cookbook from Penguin Random House South Africa that is now available in English for the first time!

A Taste of Israel brings you all the flavors of Israeli cooking, from the classics to modern day dishes.

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Food Friday: “Knead to Know”

Bread! That’s what has inspired today’s Food Friday. Knead to Know from Grub Street Publishing and The Real Bread Campaign is a truly fascinating book, in that it’s so much more than just a bread cookbook. In addition to the recipes for all types of bread, from the recipe you’ll see below, to sourdough, to croissants, it also gives you all the tools you’d need to start your own bakery.

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Food Friday: “Raw Cakes”

Back in January, we shared a recipe from Grub Street Publishing‘s Raw Snacks (see it again here!). This week, continue your raw cooking collection with Raw Cakes – a delicious cookbook from the same publisher, and author Caroline Filbaek!

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Food Friday: “Where’s My Spatula?”

When it’s this cold outside (currently 24 degrees F where we’re located), comfort food is a must. That’s where today’s recipe from Capital Books‘s Where’s My Spatula? comes in! This book is full of fast healthy recipes, but it has a few indulgences, too. And the best part? This delightful cookbook is only $10.00!

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