“On the Menu” Interviews with Melinda Roodt & Cariema Isaacs

ann+peter-for-logo1On the Menu, hosted by Anne & Peter Haigh, is an exciting weekly, one-hour program on the wide world of food, wine, travel & lifestyle. Sunday’s program featured two Penguin Random House South Africa authors: Melinda Roodt, author of The Classic South African Cookbook, and Cariema Isaacs, author of My Cape Malay Kitchen.

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About the Books

9781432306731The Classic South African Cookbook
The Classic South African Cookbook is exactly that – classic home cooking for South Africans the way they eat now. In line with the country’s diverse cultures, which often blend most harmoniously in the the kitchen, this book is a kaleidoscope of modern lifestyle with influences from grandma’s kitchen, popular Mediterranean cuisine, as well as both Indian and African culture. But no matter what the roots may be, this book sets a foundation for good, honest, carefree home cooking, incorporating all the well-loved and familiar favourites. The more than 180 recipes have been refined to guarantee mouth-watering results, no matter the skill level. Only fresh ingredients are used, while the various techniques are carefully explained – a real boon to those just setting out on their culinary journeys. Best of all, every recipes is accompanied by a full-color photograph.

CapeMalayFinalCover.inddMy Cape Malay Kitchen
My Cape Malay Kitchen is a breathtakingly beautiful presentation of some 80 traditional Cap Malay recipes as well as a selection of modern dishes. These are accompanied by Cariema’s depiction of her childhood growing up in Bo-Kaap — the Cape Malay Quarter of Cape Town. She includes the religious and cultural ceremonies, as well as events that have shaped this unique community. But My Cape Malay Kitchen is still a cookbook; packed with flavourful food, richly spiced curries, indulgent cakes and decadent desserts, all illustrated with truly inspirational photography.


“Dire Strait” by Tony Blackman

Ex-Test Pilot Rips Latest Aviation Mystery Novel Right From Today’s Fraught Geopolitical Headlines

Tony Blackman’s Dire Strait is now part of a critically-acclaimed six-book series featuring insurance investigator Peter Talbert, as his work takes him around the world, into the dark corridors of global Governments and deep into the secrets they fear going public. But Dire Strait is far from thoroughbred fiction – it perfectly mirrors today’s turbulent political climate.

Having served as a test pilot, avionics specialist, and as a Board Member for the UK Civil Aviation Authority, Tony Blackman has spent much of his life keeping secrets. Now retired and working full-time as an author, this unique skill set has transposed into a globally-renowned series of aviation-themed mystery-thriller novels.

The protagonist is Peter Talbert, a resourceful and tenacious insurance investigator who goes far beyond the call of duty to uncover secrets that could literally change the world. Titles in the series include Blind Landing, The Final Flight, The Right Choice, Flight to St Anthony, and Now You See it.

But Dire Strait is perhaps the most topical volume, with a narrative that is incredibility relevant to the current worldwide political climate, as well as the activities of the UK Armed Forces.

Dire Strait is a mystery thriller about a maritime search aircraft that crashes in the Torres Strait in mysterious circumstances. This is the sixth book featuring Peter Talbert insurance investigator, and he finds that the Australian, United Kingdom and United States Governments are all keeping secrets from one another. The search for the truth is accompanied by visits to the Ministers concerned in each Country as the action develops. Talbert is helped in his search by Mary, the radar operator of the Royal Air Force that discovered the crashed aircraft, who Peter discovers has a very high security clearance. More lives are lost and there is a real threat of global conflict which Talbert helps to avert. A must read for anybody who likes a fast moving story.

“The RAF’s P8 procurement program, and the retirement of the Nimrod fleet, has been quite a sore subject for many years,” explains Blackman. “The storyline in this novel directly ties in. Other current issues, such as the theft of underwater drones by nations, also makes its way into the book. In all, those who keep up with geopolitical and military news will see many similarities between fact and fiction.”

Continuing, “Obviously from my years in the aerospace industry I’ve tried to make all the books as technically accurate and realistic as possible. However, I’m not at all sure that I would have been as smart as Talbert when it came to sorting out all the problems he found himself in!”

About the Author:

Tony Blackman has spent his life in the aircraft industry as a test pilot, as an avionics specialist and then on the Board of UK Civil Aviation Authority as the Technical Member.

You can purchase Dire Strait on Amazon or Barnes & Noble today.

9781612002262Tony Blackman, has written a very unusual story about a mystery submarine in the Torres Strait between Australia and Papua New Guinea. A Royal Australian Air Force aircraft is lost in the Torres Strait and the wreckage is found by a Royal Air Force aircraft on an exercise with the Australians. It becomes clear that the Australian and UK Governments are keeping secrets from one another and the problem is compounded as the United States is also involved.

Peter Talbert, helped by Mary, the RAF’s aircraft navigator with a special security clearance, gradually discovers what is really happening and helps to avert what might have become a global fight.

Author Will Attempt First Ever Transatlantic Standup Paddle Crossing

This November, Chris Bertish (author of Stoked!) will attempt to be the first person to cross the Atlantic Ocean on a standup paddle board (SUP). He’s doing this in support of South African children’s charities, the Lunchbox Fund and the Smile Foundation. You can learn more about how he plans to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat on his website.

Keep reading to check out a fascinating interview with Chris and learn more about his book, Stoked!…  Continue reading “Author Will Attempt First Ever Transatlantic Standup Paddle Crossing”

Books in the News: “Two Brothers, One Journey”

New from Mereo Books, Two Brothers, One Journey is a mother’s story of life with two autistic sons. It is emotional, poignant, and most of all, inspiring. This week, her local news station, WTHITV 10, published a story on the author and her family, including a video segment. Keep reading to see the video and a few quotes from the article. Continue reading “Books in the News: “Two Brothers, One Journey””

“Dying to Know” Author’s Ghost Hunting Mini-Documentary

Josh Langley, author of Big Sky Publishing‘s Dying to Know, has released a mini-documentary through ABC Open. It’s a fascinating glimpse into his methods of attempting to understand life after death. The accompanying article, which you can read here, gives even further insight into what drives Langley’s search for the meaning of death.

“But for Josh, it’s a personal journey into the afterlife. He is not out to change minds. The goal is to answer the big questions for himself and in the process, make his current life in more interesting.

“I know that there is more to this physical reality [but] what is it? And how do I find it? These are the questions.”

About the Book

9781922132482Ride shotgun with author and award-winning copywriter Josh Langley as he battles his inner-cynic and subjects himself to a barrage of strange and creepy adventures as a result of his lifelong obsession with the afterlife.
Determined to find out what happens when we die but realizing it’s unlikely that an obliging ghost is going to jump out in front of him with the verdict, Josh designs his own unique “afterlife investigation plan” and sets off on an extraordinary journey in a quest for answers to the question we all secretly want to know.
Things get a little weird and spooky as he visits crematoriums, experiments with out-of-body experiences, attempts past-life regressions, conjures up dead people, converses with his long dead grandmother and is scared witless on a terrifying ghosthunt, to name a few.
Explore the paranormal from the safety of your armchair with Dying to Know a humorous and moving travelogue like nothing else before it. Join Josh as he searches for answers to the question that has plagued him for years, and reaches his final, and somewhat surprising, thought-provoking conclusion.
Purchase your copy of Dying to Know here, or from any major bookseller.

Bob Dylan: How the Foulks Stole the Legendary Artist from Woodstock

Today in 1941, legendary singer-songwriter Bob Dylan was born. Celebrate the singer’s 75th birthday with a lesser-known story from his illustrious career: how the Isle of Wight Festival stole Bob Dylan from Woodstock.

Read this fascinating article, with some great pictures of Dylan, from The Independent, then learn even more in Ray & Caroline Foulk‘s book, Stealing Dylan from Woodstock. The 1969 Isle of Wight Festival was Bob Dylan’s one and only full concert appearance in seven-and-a-half years and played its part in a highly transformative period of the artist’s life. Stealing Dylan from Woodstock tells this unique story, including over 200 photographs. Continue reading “Bob Dylan: How the Foulks Stole the Legendary Artist from Woodstock”

An Interview with Tricia Callow [Sprigs of Broom Series]

The White Queen of Middleham and Sons of York are the first two volumes in the Sprigs of Broom series, currently available from Mereo Books. While the author of this series, Lesley J. Nickell, sadly passed away in 2013, her sister, Tricia Callow, spoke to The Bookbag last year to give readers some insight into the author and her works.

Read the original article on The Bookbag here.

Remember: You can purchase any Mereo Books titles on our website for 30% off, now through July 1st, when you apply the discount code mereo16 to your shopping cart!

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Writing or Cage Fighting?

Check out this fantastic article from the author of Dublin Seven, Frankie Gaffney, about what it takes to be a writer. Definitely worth a read whether you’re looking to become a writer yourself, or just interested in how an author does it.

View the original article on writing.ie here.

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A life on the river with Sheryl Browne

Happy Wednesday! Today we’d like to share with you a special feature from the Choc Lit Blog. Sheryl Browne, author of The Rest of My Life, talks about developing the hero, plot, and setting of her novel. It’s a great read that will give you some insight into what really goes into researching and writing a successful romance!

You can view the original post on the Choc Lit Blog here.
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Author recalls his grandfather’s stories of WWI

This is an older article, but a great one, about the author of Honoring the Doughboys: Following My Grandfather’s World War I Diary, Jeffrey Lowdermilk.
Honoring the Doughboys is a unique photographic journey through a World War I Diary. Read on to find out more about the author’s fascinating inspiration – his grandfather.

Originally from the Albuquerque Journal.


By Jackie Jadrnak / Journal North Reporter

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