Learn About the Military’s Next Frontier

On Monday, President Trump directed the Department of Defense to establish a sixth branch of the military: The Space Force. With troops poised to soon take to the stars, now is a great time to read all about where they will be headed. Check out these intriguing titles about the wonders of our vast universe.

Yearbook of Astronomy 2018

astroyearbookRecognized by both amateurs and professionals alike as an indispensable guide to the night sky, the Yearbook of Astronomy is one of the longest-running series of books on astronomy and is one of the only reference books to be fully revised each year. Formerly edited by Patrick Moore, this iconic publication first appeared way back in 1962 (well over half-a-century ago) and continues to be, as it was then, the main popular astronomy annual for amateur astronomers.

Forthcoming editions will endeavor to maintain the popular style and familiarity of previous editions as well as offering its readers a new, invigorating, and inspirational layout and presentation. The 2018 edition contains authoritative sky charts and detailed monthly sky notes that plot a clear path though the year’s lunar phases, eclipses, comets, meteor showers and minor planets as well as featuring a variety of articles covering a wide range of astronomy-related topics. Bursting with up-to-the-minute information, this Yearbook of Astronomy 2018 is, as ever, essential reading for anyone fascinated by the night sky . . .

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Photographing the Deep Sky: Images of Space and Time

deepskypicsSpectacular nebulae where stars are born, beautiful star clusters from the early formation of the Milky Way, and galaxies as far as a billion light years away are all featured in this book of stunning images from astrophotographer Chris Baker.

The author takes the reader on a journey through time and space to the Deep Sky far beyond our Solar System. It is a pictorial description of the awe-inspiring wondrous objects that exist “out there.”

Chapters are included describing the basics of astrophotography, as modern telescopes and cameras make this a rewarding hobby well within reach of the amateur astronomer. Chris describes his observatory in the mountains of Spain along with practical guidance on how to get started in astrophotography.

With a concise, clear discussion on the background of astronomical science, this is, above all, a book to celebrate the beauty and fascination of space.

Coming in July 2018. Pre-order your copy here>>>

Atlas of the Skies

skyatlasThis book was created to capture people’s imagination through images and to stimulate the reader to regain an interest in the stars, which were part of people’s daily lives less than one century ago. It teaches how to use binoculars to discover the Moon and the stages of Venus, and instructs one on how to find their own constellation of the zodiac. It enables one to discover the existence of evanescent waves and galaxies about which we can only voice a theory of a beginning and an end.

This book was neither written for people who work in this sector nor for the adepts of astrology. Instead, it was conceived for those who don’t like formulas and for those who are interested in the sciences and the world in general and may have been put off by harsh teaching methods at school.

It’s a book made for those who would like to share an evening with the Infinite or spend their holidays in rediscovery of the dark skies of isolated towns: a distant, strange, and silent world which one is able to understand better and discover more of each day. Easy to understand, the book includes stories about astronomy and spatial researches, from the most easily observable objects in the darkness to the most recent astrological knowledge.

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