Thursday Book Review: “Brand New Retro”

Dive in and explore Irish pop culture history with this week’s featured book: Brand New Retro by Brian McMahon. This fascinating Liberties Press title resonates with readers of all ages. Keep reading to see what reviewers think about this book. 

Book review: Brand New Retro

Barry Coughlan | Irish Examiner

“Exactly how long the author took to source the amazing array of photographs taken from a variety of publications from the sixties onwards is only to be guessed, but he certainly didn’t put together this worthy work of history overnight.”

“With page after page of memories, this book is a real page turner”

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Niall Murphy | University Observer

“At just over two hundred pages you might think that it was ambitious to try and cover a period from the 1950s through to the 1990s, but here it is done seamlessly. While most of the content is centred on the thirty years from the mid 60s until the mid 80s, these are the years that come to mind when you consider the word retro. In the Irish context, they represent a period of liberation and growth which is brilliantly captured here.”

“McMahon has selected the most colourful and exciting images and his use of text is succinct and informative in a book that is all about a visual experience. This is a book that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages, and makes the perfect coffee table book.”

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Brian McMahon Brand New Retro

Michael Mary Murphy | Hope Collective


“Brian McMahon’s Brand New Retro is not only a brilliant book; it is also a really important one. It is a lavish tome: hardcover, 208 pages, meticulously researched and beautifully designed. It is very clearly a labour of love. It might even be a work of art.”

“The book perfectly encapsulates an ever-shifting cultural terrain. And it is clear that the consequences of these shifts were important.”

“A fun book. A beautiful book. An important book. Everyone who wants to understand Ireland’s history should get their hands on it.”

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About the Book

9781910742174A beautiful compendium of Irish pop culture magazine scans since the 1960s. Brand New Retro features hundreds of rare images, adverts and articles on Irish youth culture, encompassing music, fashion, TV, sport, design and advertising. From the creator of the multi-award-winning website, Liberties Press is delighted to return these gems of print ephemera to their former glory by reproducing them in printed form in this book.

Brand New Retro provides an original insight into our Irish popular culture past by publishing a regular weekly supply of retro Irish images, articles and adverts. Brand New Retro won ‘Best Entertainment Website’ at the Irish Web Awards in 2013 and ‘Best Pop Culture Blog’ at the Irish Web Awards in 2013. It has been referenced by many other leading sites, TV programs, newspapers and students.

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