Thursday Book Review: “Double Echo”

If you’re a mystery/thriller fan, you need to check out Double Echo by François Bloemhof. This Penguin Random House South Africa title was originally published in Afrikaans and is now available in English for the first time! Check out what reviewers think of this book. 


Frank Frisson | Frank Frisson

“Reader of crime thrillers, this book is reading time well spent. Demons, sex, money, betrayal. Join Paul through all of these.”

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DOUBLE ECHO – Francois Bloemhof

Peter J Earle | Book Postmortem

“An Afrikaans writer of huge output, with 24 novels for adults under his belt, Francois Bloemhof’s writing shines even in translation.”

“This is an intriguing play/novel with only half a dozen characters, a come-into-my-parlour-said-the-spider plot and some fatal attractions that could only lead to disaster.”

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Book Review: Double Echo

Brian Joss | The Gremlin

“Double Echo is a gripping thriller and the tension ratchets up page by page until the climax.”

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About the Book

9781485903093Ex-cop Paul Mullan has a lot more baggage than the rucksack he’s carrying across the country. He’s trying to get away from that night, that hour when life as he knew it came to an end. When Paul helps wealthy businessman Bernard Russell to change his car’s burst tyre near Riebeek-Kasteel in the pouring rain, Russell offers him shelter. But the opulent wine estate Journey’s End is no safe haven, and Paul soon senses that his life is about to resemble one of those old black-and-white movies: he is the fallible hero, a young woman in Russell’s household the scheming femme fatale, and the outcome may be deadly. Filled with tension, temptation, secrets and sleight of hand, Double Echo is seasoned Afrikaans thriller writer François Bloemhof’s exhilarating English debut.

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