Thursday Book Review: “Sinker”

This week’s featured book takes you to a world where Sink, or binge drinking, is a professional sport. Sinker by Jason Johnson is the funny, thrilling story of Baker Forley, professional Sink player. Keep reading to see what reviewers think of this book! 

Irish Book Review: Sinker by Jason Johnson

A Trip to Ireland

“Jason Johnson is a witty writer, and there are moments of laugh-out-loud humor and casual profundity throughout.”

“Ultimately, Sinker is a provocative and often amusing read, highlighting the absurdities of binge-drinking by repositioning one of humanity’s greatest weaknesses as a great strength. It is, as the book cover claims, a rather mad novel, but ultimately a thought-provoking one as well.”

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Sinker – Jason Johnson- Book Review

No More Workhorse

“Johnson has written a hugely entertaining and enjoyable novel.”

“The dialogue is razor sharp and frequently laugh out loud funny. There are numerous laughs and scrapes along the way which make this a winning third novel from this talented and engaging writer. This reviewer would caution you to enjoy ‘Sinker’ sensibly.”

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A Wee Review — SINKER by Jason Johnson

Gerard Brennan | Crime Scene NI

“The plot is straightforward enough, but is stuffed with more surprises than you’ll find in an end-of-session kebab.”

“It may be the comedic aspect of it, because Johnson’s humour, though blacker than a well settled Guinness, is laugh out loud funny in places.”

“Look down your nose at the antics of Forley and his fellow sinkers or grin as you remember past embarrassments or moments of messy glory; whatever works. But Sinker deserves to be read.”

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Book review: A blurry jaunt through the trippy world of a loveable old boozer

Darragh McManus | Independent.IE

“It’s to Johnson’s credit that the book is accessible and exciting, rattling along like a thriller, barely pausing for breath.”

“The writing is great, a fast, punchy mixture of rough humour and charming Derry-isms. Johnson has a talent for capturing the essential quality of things in ways that don’t make sense on first glance but ring true.”

“Sinker would make a cracking movie, a lean, nasty, tripped-out shocker. And it’s a cracking book, a jolt to the senses like a line of flaming shots. Baker, I suspect, would like it.”

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About the Book

9781909718302Sinker thrusts us into the story of Baker Forley. He begins the novel as a sweet, unassuming Irish man who is revealed to be a promising newcomer to the world’s most controversial sport – professional drinking. Ambition fuels his talent as he strives to make something of his life, but he is plagued by worries that he could die from his job, through alcohol poisoning. Frequent fatalities occur, as players often drop dead during games. When his popularity lands him a spot at the infamous Bullfight competition in sun-baked Mallorca, Baker believes that his luck has turned. But when his drunken eye is drawn to a Saudi beauty, her bodyguard steps over and floors him. The bodyguard’s boss – a Saudi oil baron – invites Baker to his magnificent, surreal, Gaudi-designed palace to hear an apology. Baker – joined by his over-ebullient coach Ratface – gets an offer he can’t refuse: “Teach the crazy billionaire Sheikh to drink like a pro and in turn he’ll make you rich.” Later, as illicit lust flares between Baker and the oil baron’s sober wife; he learns the real reason why he has been asked along. It’s a set up, and he’s about to be framed for killing a Sheikh. After three days of industrial-level drinking and dealing with Ratface’s random groping, can Baker break free?

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