Thursday Book Review: “Ordeal By Fire”

If historical mysteries are your thing, don’t miss Ordeal by Fire by Sarah Hawkswood. This fascinating novel is the subject of this week’s book reviews! Keep reading to see what reviewers think of this book. 

Ordeal by Fire by Sarah Hawkswood

Liza Redmond | Historical Novels Review

“The author’s detailed research is obvious without ever overwhelming the narrative, and the details of everyday life in medieval Worcester provide fascinating background and the hint of many future outings for the duo.  Ordeal by Fire is an ideal choice for fans of Ariana Franklin, Peter Tremayne and S.D. Sykes.”

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Book Review: Ordeal by Fire / Sarah Hawkswood / 9 – Adult

Sue & Pakka’s

“A nice mix of history and crime. I didn’t expect to be drawn into the descriptive passages as I have been.”

“Its super – the plot is engaging, the deaths not too graphic, wonderful characters and I love the English. Set in 12th Century Worcester it feels accurate historically (I am no historian) – and I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

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Ordeal by Fire

John Cleal | Crime Review

“Sarah Hawkswood describes herself as a wordsmith and she is certainly that.”

“Whether it’s action, reflection, deep personal feelings, description or even repeated gossip, her elegant and carefully chosen prose keep you glued to the page. She creates a medieval world of her own – and drags the reader deeply into it.”

“…this clever and wonderfully written tale should whet the reader’s appetite for more adventures for this unlikely pairing.”

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‘Ordeal by Fire’ by Sarah Hawkswood

Carol Westron | Promoting Crime Fiction

Ordeal by Fire is the second in the series featuring Bradecote and Catchpole but it works very well as a stand-alone novel. Catchpole and Bradecote are very different sorts of men but they are both basically decent people and it is fascinating to follow the development of their relationship.”

“I found the characters and description of medieval life in Ordeal by Firethoroughly engaging and the book is beautifully written. I would whole-heartedly recommend it. A page-turner.”

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Book Reviews December 2016

Steve Earles | Destructive Music

“The research and writing is first class, but what I feel truly gives it an edge is the dynamic between Bradcote and Catchpole, readers will really take to them.”

“Overall, an excellent medieval whodunit, and one I’d love to see adapted for the small screen, the more people that are exposed to Bradecote and Catchpole, the better.”

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About the Book

9780749020873September 1143. Sergeant Catchpoll hopes a fire at a Worcester silversmith’s is just an accident, but when there is a second fire, and a charred corpse is discovered, he has no choice but to call in the undersheriff, Hugh Bradecote, to help find the culprit.

With further fires, a hooded figure stalking the streets, and a possible murder that has gone undiscovered for some months, the duo have to work together to avoid getting more than their fingers burnt in this puzzling investigation.

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