Thursday Book Review: “Bright Shiny Things”

This week’s review is one of the most anticipated titles on our Summer list! Bright Shiny Things, newly released from Allison & Busby, is a timely thrilled set in London’s East End and the shady, underground world of radical Islamic recruitment. Keep reading to see what reviewers have said about this book. 

Bright Shiny Things

Claire Rudy Foster | Foreword Reviews

“Bright Shiny Things takes on issues of human rights, religious freedom, women’s liberation, sexual oppression, and psychological torture. Rather than sensationalize or offer a dry, detached perspective, the novel acknowledges that these issues are a part of everyday life for many Muslims.”

“Courageous, self-aware, and driven to fight radical Islam, Mumtaz is a bright new voice in crime fiction—certainly strong enough to carry her own series”

“Bright Shiny Things is a timely thriller that deals with current issues in the Middle East and the lived experience of Muslims everywhere.”

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‘Bright Shiny Things’ by Barbara Nadel

Radmila May | Promoting Crime Fiction

“There is an enormous range of characters and the picture of life in today’s East End is absorbing and the complexities of the Muslim community are fascinating.”

“Very much recommended.”

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Bright Shiny Things (A Hakim and Arnold Mystery) By Barbara Nadel. Adult Crime Fiction Book Review.

Clair Chaytors | BookWormMummy.Com

“Every so often when reviewing books, I come across one that makes me stop and question everything that I thought I  knew and, consequently, stays with me some time after the final pages”

Bright Shiny Things may be stark and brutal but it is also fascinating and compelling in its subject matter.”

“We tend to hear the word radicalisation banded about so often in the media but without really understanding what it means. Bright Shiny Thingsoffers us a glimpse into that world and, whilst it may be utterly chilling, it is guaranteed to leave the reader a little bit more informed about its creation.”

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Bright Shiny Things

Gwen Moffat | SHOTS

“Nadel wears her heart on her sleeve. She has castigated  sweat shops  and “honour killing”. Her style is appropriate to its place and it improves with time.”

“Enjoy Bright Shiny Things then read A Noble Killing and anticipate  with pleasure what Nadel will do next.”

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About the Book

9780749020132Out of the blue, private investigator and ex-soldier Lee Arnold receives a visit from an old army mate. Abbas al’Barri worked as a translator with him during the Second Iraq War. Now living in Ilford with his family, Abbas is convinced that he’s had a message from his estranged son Fayyaad, who was radicalised and was last thought to be fighting for ISIL in Iraq. Does Fayyaad’s message indicate a change of heart? Abbas is desperate for Lee’s help in establishing some contact with him, a point with which Lee’s Muslim assistant Mumtaz might be able to help.

From the bright lights of the Western world, to the murky online recruitment techniques of radical Islamism, Lee and Mumtaz have little to guide them in who to trust as they begin a journey into the belly of the beast.

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