Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly

Happy Thursday! A new issue of Books Monthly has been released, and several of our books have received great reviews. Keep reading to see what was said about our titles! 

Read the full July issue of Books Monthly here>>>

Rob Rondeau: Titanic Lives

“Rondeau’s book concentrates on just ten of the thousands of passengers and crew who took that faeful journey in 1912. The detail is remarkable, the photographs eerily chilling, and the whole experience contributes such a lot to the Titanic canon. Superb.”

Jerry Lockett: The Discovery of Weather

“There is a wide-held belief that the English are obsessed with the weather – and I can testify that that is true. Barely a day goes by without me moaning to my wife that the forecasters have got it wrong once again for our part of the world – either that or they haven’t bothered to tell us about something, for instance the gale force winds we experienced last night whilst waiting for the thunderstorms they promised us but which never materialised. For all their modern equipment, charts and forecasting models, they rarely get it right here in North Norfolk, yet we still watch it. Earlier in the week we had thick fog for most of the day, something that was not picked up by the BBC forecasters, who forecasted a blisteringly hot day, whilst our temperature on the north sea coast hovered arounf 10 degrees for most of the day. As you can see, I don’t have a lot of time for weather forecasters who forecast a completely dry day for us from Norwich when just down the road, on the coast, it’s pouring with rain and we’re unprepared because we’ve watched their weather forecast! This is an essential book for students of meteorology and social history alike… but it doesn’t alter the fact that time and again they get it wrong here – more wrong than right!”

Anna Jacobs: A Stranger in Honeyfield

“Anna Jacobs remains my favourite WW1 author, she has a way of bringing her characters to life whilst at the same time laying down a factual foundation for the time in which the story is set. A Stranger in Honeyfield encapsulates the horrors of war with the “carry on” attitude that prevailed. Magnificent.”

Beryl Matthews: When the Music Stopped

“Beautifully written melodrama involving a monstrous father and his twin daughters who become entangled in the first world war and bth serving their country in ways that transcend the feud with their domineering father. Superb!”


Rebecca Tope: The Bowness Bequest

“Rebecca’s modern-day Miss Marple continues to attract murders and victims in a way that can only happen in crime fiction – Simmy Brown and the Lake District mysteries, together with the Cotswold and West Country mysteries are cosy, bedtime reading for me – faultless plots, stunning characters and plenty to get your teeth into. The Bowness Bequest will have you scratching your head, but with Simmy Brown you’re in good company!”


Click on the cover images below to learn more about each book.

9781459500198    9781459500808    9780749020156    9780749021573    9780749021078


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