Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly

A new issue of Books Monthly is out, and it features several great reviews of our titles! Keep reading to see which books were included this month. 

Read the full June issue of Books Monthly here>>>

Sue Wilkes: Tracing Your Manchester and Salford Ancestors

“The latest in Pen and Sword’s ground-breaking ancestry series is aimed at the citizens of Manchester and Salford – there is plenty of brilliant advice and suggestions in this perfect book.”

Judith Cutler: Head Start

“Psychological thriller from Judith sees Jane’s world turned upside down as she takes on the role of trying to bring to justice the intruder in the primary school where she works. Plenty of tension and cat and mouse antics in this excellent, slightly dark thriller.”

Barbara J Starmans: Tracing Your Ancestors’ Lives

“Slightly less focused on specific areas, this book takes a step back and offers practical and sensible advice for anyone starting out on the richly rewarding road to tracing your ancestors. I find these books incredibly useful, and they often come up with suggestions for further research that would not occur to an amateur like me.”

Suzette A Hill: Shot in Southwold

“With characters straight from Agatha Christie, if not from P G Wodehouse, and a setting like the wonderful Southwold, this superb thriller has everything thrown into the mix – humour, murder, tension, drama… if pushed, I’d say it was more reminiscent of Dorothy L Sayers’s Lord Peter Wimsey, and that’s a compliment, of course. A wonderful read.”

Rachel Knowles: What Regency Women Did For Us

“I used to love reading Georgette Heyer’s Regency romances when I was a young lad, and the period still fascinates me to this day. Now Rachel’s fine book looks at how the women of Britain emerged from the shadows of their husbands during the Regency period, inspiring female writers, scientists etc., to take hold of their own destinies and start to have an influence on the world. Brilliant.”

Click on the images below to learn more about each book.

9781473856356    9780749020705    9781473879713    9780749021313    9781473882249


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