Thursday Book Review: “Dublin Seven”

Take a trip to Ireland’s gritty underbelly with this week’s featured book: Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney. Liberties Press has become Ireland’s leading independent publisher, and they have another hit fiction title on their hands with this book. Keep reading to see what reviewers have said about Dublin Seven.  

Review | Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney

Graham Connors | HeadStuff

“Moving with a natural fluidity, some of Gaffney’s writing is truly beautiful, but the highest praise must rest with his humorous and well-realised dialogue.”

Dublin Seven is an enjoyable read and Gaffney paces his story to perfection.”

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Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney: Book Review AtoZChallenge

Richard Gibney | Ragtag giggagon

“Gaffney has unquestionably captured something that’s Irish in terms of the late teen, young-adult experience. There are elements that are also universal. It’s also certainly a novel worth reading more than once – beautifully easy to get through, it hides some wonderful touches.”

“Dublin Seven’s a great read. Frankie Gaffney is one to watch.”

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Peter Morgan | Totally Dublin

“This is a memorable and vibrant addition to the landscape of Dublin literature.”

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Dublin Seven by Frankie Gaffney

Laura Marriott | Shiny New Books

“Dublin Seven offers a rare glimpse into the life of inner city youth, so often played out in black and white in newspapers and news reports.”

“The setting, the background and the uncompromising image presented of inner city Dublin is perhaps the novel’s highlight.”

“One of the stand out points of this strong and promising debut is the language. The characters speak in the distinct Dublin dialect, their accents shine through, broad, sharp and uncompromising.”

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Michael Mullooly | Dublin Inquirer

“Gaffney’s uncompromisingly accurate depiction of Dublin’s underbelly in the noughties adds greatly to the story, and the backdrop that Shane deals against is explored throughout the tale.”

“The book succeeds in capturing the fast-paced, paranoid life of luxury that is being a drug dealer. Its main character is both sympathetic and believable, with a cast of secondary characters who support his descent into madness. The plot –while predictable at times – is enjoyable, and the setting is wonderfully realised. The coarse humour and dark scenarios that make up Shane’s world are balanced with moments of genuine reflection and pathos.”

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About the Book

9781910742112And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.

Dublin Seven is the gritty, violent, sometimes raunchy story of nineteen-year-old Shane, coming up as a small-time coke dealer in Dublin. Having just left school and keen to assert his independence, Shane loses himself in the tail end of Celtic Tiger nightlife. Through a chance meeting with a local gangster, he sets himself up in business.

—C’mere. D’ye know where I’d get a bit of tha stuff? Shane asked Griffo. —It’s deadly so it is.
—Yeah no bother kid, it’s always there if ye want it, anytime.
Soon, Shane’s life is drugs, dance music, gangsters – and a beautiful girlfriend. But as the Celtic Tiger limps out of sight, so does Shane’s luck. The threats multiply, his paranoia builds and the violence creeps closer.

Dublin Seven is a classic coming-of-age gangster tale, combined with a troubled urban romance. An explosive cross between Trainspotting and Love/Hate.

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