#FridayReads: Archaeology

We’re digging into the past this weekend with these Archaeology #FridayReads selections! Check out our four fascinating picks. 

The Archaeological Excavation Dictionary

9781783463718This dictionary translates over 2,000 words and terms associated with archaeological excavations into eight languages – English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish and Arabic – making it an essential tool for anyone digging abroad.

It contains all necessary terms for the archaeological excavation and survey of sites of any period.

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Prehistoric Pathfinders

9781781553534This work draws together a series of pen-portraits of some 40 individuals who helped shape the foundations of English prehistoric and later study, mainly during the 18th and 19th centuries. They represented a diverse cross-section of contemporary society including army officers, churchmen, country squires and gentry, suicides, bankrupts, a probable illegitimate Royal, farmers, tradesmen, plus a scion of the nobility and a superintendent of a ‘lunatic asylum.’ The list is of necessity subjective, as it seemed necessary, wherever possible, to have an image of each individual. As well as portraits, short biographies of each person are embellished with appropriate illustrations, including digs, artifacts, archaeological sites and some of their more interesting tombs, together with other images connected with their activities. The work will hopefully stand as an instructive and entertaining ‘who’s-who’ of these early activists, together with an assessment of their importance in the study of the origins of English archaeology.

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An Archaeological History of Britain

9781781593264Jonathan Eaton has provided the essential volume for all students of Archaeology, Classical Civilizations and Ancient History by condensing the entire archaeological history of Britain into one accessible volume.

The Archaeological History of Britain takes us from the earliest prehistoric archaeology right up to the contemporary archaeology of the present day through the use of key sites to illustrate each key time period as well as a narrative of change to accompany the changing archaeological record. The wide range of evidence utilized by archaeologists, such as artifacts, landscape studies, historical sources and genetics are emphasized throughout this chronological journey as are the latest theoretical advances and practical discoveries, making this the most advanced narrative of British archaeology available.

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Darwin’s Apprentice

9781781592663Darwin’s Apprentice is a unique book telling the story of an important yet often forgotten Darwinist, Sir John Lubbock, through the eyes of his archaeological and ethnographic collection. Both man and collection were witness to an extraordinary moment in the history of science and archaeology – the emotive scientific, religious and philosophical debate that was triggered by the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species in 1859.

Darwin’s Apprentice looks at Lubbock’s critical, yet often over looked, role in the Darwinian campaign, including the ways in which Lubbock’s collections shaped both his work and personal life. Janet Owen writes in an approachable manner using a chronological narrative, making it accessible and informative to both the non-academic and academic reader, including those with no prior knowledge of John Lubbock.

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