Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly

Books Monthly has reviewed eight of our titles in their May issue! We’re excited to share these with you, so keep reading to see what Books Monthly had to say about these current and forthcoming titles. 

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John Wilcox: The Black Rocks of Morwenstowe

“Fans of Poldark will thrill to this mighty adventure involving Joshua Weyland – this book has everything – thrills, spills and romance a-plenty!”

Suzette A Hill: Shot in Southwold

“With characters straight from Agatha Christie, if not from P G Wodehouse, and a setting like the wonderful Southwold, this superb thriller has everything thrown into the mix – humour, murder, tension, drama… if pushed, I’d say it was more reminiscent of Dorothy L Sayers’s Lord Peter Wimsey, and that’s a compliment, of course. A wonderful read.”

Judith Cutler: Head Start

“Psychological thriller from Judith sees Jane’s world turned upside down as she takes on the role of trying to bring to justice the intruder in the primary school where she works. Plenty of tension and cat and mouse antics in this excellent, slightly dark thriller.”

Andrew Rawson: Treachery and Retribution

“This fascinating book looks at the dangers of being a member of the nobility through almost 700 years, from the Norman conquest to the creation of Great Britain in 1707. Extraordinary accounts of murders, kidnappings, rebellions and all manner of unpleasantness relating to the landed gentry…”

Caroline Jowett: The History of Newgate Prison

“Caroline Jowett describes one of the most famous and at the same time most infamous of Britain’s jails, from the 1100s to 1904, when it was finally decommissioned. An amazing, entertaining and informative book!”

John R F Burt & Kathryn Burtinshaw: Lunatics, Imbeciles and Idiots

“During the course of our investigations into our ancestry, we came across a number of census sheets with a far right column which was occasionally annotated with these classifications: lunatic, imbecile and idiot. This was when the census sheets were filled in by a returning officer, and not by the actual occupants of the premises! John and Kathryn’s book provides a fascinating look at the first half of the 19th century and the way such people existed and were treated by the state.”

John Wade: London Curiosities

“This amazing book will be of interest mainly to people who live in London or who intend visiting for pleasure. Some real gems inside, genuine surprises, too!”

Stuart A Raymond: Tracing Your Nonconformist Ancestors

“The latest in Pen and Sword’s essential library for would-be genealogists and people tracing their ancestry. A word of advice – of the two main sites, Ancestry is by far the best. We had a 14-day free trial with both and FindMyPast, and the latter found no-one in either side of the family, whilst Ancestry found them all. That aside, these superb books provide much-needed extra information on where to look for details of your ancestors. Priceless.”

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