#FridayReads: Spring Has Sprung

Happy Easter Weekend! It’s finally feeling like Spring here in the Northeast US, and the beautiful weather has inspired this week’s #FridayReads. Keep reading to check out what books are on our TBR list this weekend. 

Spring Training with the Washington Nationals

9781634990028Viera, Florida, has been the spring training home for the Washington Nationals since the team’s inception in 2005 and author Jim Maggiore has made the sojourn to Florida every year to watch the team get ready for the regular season. From Nick Johnson and Frank Robinson to Jayson Werth and Matt Williams, this book captures the Nationals in action through the years, not only on the diamond of Space Coast Stadium, but also on the backfields of the Nationals’ spring training site. The enthusiasm, optimism, and insouciance of spring are delivered in these pages, as well as suggestions for getting the most out of a visit to Viera. Nationals fan or not, you will greatly appreciate this work; through its spring training stories and more than 200 photographs, it captures the intimacy and charm of baseball’s spring training season.

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Washington in Spring

Layout 1In this intimate and history-laden nature journal of the nation’s capital at its most glorious time of the year, Robert K. Musil pays homage to the noted nature writers who have explored an Washington before him.

From the moment Captain John Smith and his men pulled their barge aground at Little Falls on the Potomac and hiked to the Great Falls, the ever-changing beauty and bounty of Washington in spring has captured the imagination of writers who have also been moved to preserve it. White-bearded John Burroughs, friend of Walt Whitman, attended President Lincoln’s Second Inauguration and then hiked off looking for birds and butterflies. Burroughs wrote that the areas surrounding Rock Creek should become a national park. Musil follows a similar path and that of later writers like Florence Merriam Bailey, through Rock Creek Park and finds Red-tailed Hawks, woodland flowers, and the mysterious appearance at his feet of a Pileated Woodpecker that introduces a young couple to the glories of nature in the capital.

Amidst the constant encroachment of urban sprawl and growing signs of climate change, find surprising signs of nature’s resilience and restorative powers from a bustling brood of Hooded Mergansers beneath construction at Huntley Meadows to a face-to-face encounter with a Barred Owl on the C&O Canal whose deep, black eyes commune with the creature whose eyes are magnified by binoculars.

A life-long birder and leading environmental proponent grown weary of the grind and gridlock of Washington, Musil finds relief, renewal, even resurgence in seeking out, carefully observing and feeling the beauty of Washington in spring.

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The Hawthorns Bloom in May

9780749017552Another installment in the popular saga of the Hamilton family of Ballydown. Rose Hamilton, in her fifties and a grandmother, has much to be thankful for in the steady love of her husband John and their relative prosperity.

But she is concerned for her children: Sarah, recently widowed, is burdened with grief, while Sam, married to cold, selfish Martha, is struggling to bring up his six children. Only Hannah, happily married and living in England, causes Rose no worry, though she misses her dreadfully.

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Songs of Spring

9780749020279The unmissable final chapter in the Seasons of War quartet.

As the war grinds on, tragedy strikes the Rectory, and brings Caroline back into the fold. But the end of the war, however, brings its own problems as well as joys.

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