Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly

Happy Thursday! This week’s featured book reviews come from the April issue of Books Monthly, in which nine of our titles were reviewed. Keep reading to check out what they said. 

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Caroline Scott: Holding the Home Front

“When one thinks of the Land Girls, one almost certainly thinks of their contribution to the darkest days of the Second World War, whereas in fact, there was a women’s land army in full flow during the first world war too. Caroline’s wonderful book sets the record straight with beautiful illustrations and witting testimony from people who were there and saw how hard these wonderful women worked to keep Britain going during their darkest hours. Superb.”

Ian Maxwell: Tracing Your Glasgow Ancestors

“When we were compiling the first part of our family tree (using – FindMyPast is extremely poor by comparison) a year or so ago, we ran into problems with the Scottish side of our research, and we still haven’t completed it. This latest volume in Pen and Sword’s magnificent genealogy series provides a nuber of clues as to how to proceed – obviously this particular title concentrates on the Glasgow area, but the suggestions are still pertinent and the approach to Scottish records is superb. A must-have for your family tree library.”

Simon Fowler: Tracing Your Army Ancestors

“More superb advice on tracing your ancestors, this time covering British Army records. We hit a blank wall with many of our own researches, mainly because so many records were lost or destroyed during the second world war. This superb title helps you when the usual records come up short.”

John Wintrip: Tracing Your Pre-Victorian Ancestors

“And finally, this month, Pen and Sword’s latest genealogy title tackles the pre-Victorian era. It is possible, on, to reach back into the 18th century – we’ve done it with our own research and now, armed with this superb new title, we can make a more comprehensive job of it when we resume our efforts. Absolutely priceless and essential reading for amateur and professional genealogists alike.”

Jonathan Scott: A Dictionary of Family History

“There are many terms and terminologies to be encountered whilst researching your ancestors – this book lists them all and explains their usage and meaning – again, an essential addition to your genealogy library.”

Jim Blake: BET Group Bus Fleets The Final Years

“This is a dream of a title for enthusiasts of bus fleets from the last century – I grew up in rural Gloucestershire, where all of the buses were made by the Bristol Omnibus Company, for obvious reasons, I guess. Jim’s book is a celebration of the British Electric Traction Group’s fleets of buses and coaches manufactured by some of the greatest names in the automotive industry. A brilliant celebration of bygone days!”

Alan Whitehouse & Peter Rodgers: Rails Through Barnsley

“I never knew just how important the comparatively little town of Barnsley was in terms of the railways! This superb collection of photos from the authors’ own collections is utterly compelling. Mainly for enthusiasts, of course, but some of the photos will be of intense interest to social historians and the like.”

Brian Elliott: Images of the past – Coal Mine Disasters In The Modern Era c1900-1980

“I’m old enough to remember the declaration of war by Margaret Thatcher against the miners, and the various battles on British soil as they fought to preserve their industry and to maintain the highest standards of safety in their places of work, probably the most dangerous working environment in the world. I’m old enough to remember the Aberfan disaster which killed over a hundred young children and their teachers. But Brian Elliott’s book about mining disasters in Britain during the first eight decades of the 20th century brings back other memories – grim reading, but fascinating, nevertheless.”

Peter Kimpton: Edwardian Ladies’ Hat Fashions

“This amazing book is not for students and lovers of fashion, rather it is a celebration of the incredible beauty of the Edwardian ladies who modelled the headgear referred to in the title. People like me, who luxuriate in the sheer beauty and drama of programmes such as Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge will, I suspect, be less interested in the hats and more interested in the array of beautiful ladies in this amazing collection. A real head-turner of a book!”

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