Thursday Book Review: “Brides of War”

This week’s featured book is a historical romance from Allison & Busby. Brides of War by June Tate follows two GI brides after World War II when they travel to America to begin a new life with their husbands. Keep reading to see what reviewers think of this book! 

Brides of War

Nancy Henshaw | Historical Novels Review

“The girls are warm-hearted, adaptable and determined…”

“This is an unusual romance with two valiant heroines.”

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Book Review: Brides of War by June Tate

Suze Lavender | Suze Likes Loves, Finds & Dreams

“Both women have to go through a lot. Life isn’t just sunshine and happiness and I liked that June Tate didn’t avoid the bad moments.”

“I loved that it isn’t heavy and that the story is fast paced. A lot happens at once and Brides of War is never boring. The friendship between Gracie and Valerie is beautiful and that special connection makes the story even better.”

“I think War Brides is a wonderful read about life, relationships, friendship, finding yourself and difficult but necessary decisions.”

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Rosanna’s Winter Book Reviews 2015/6

Rosanna Ley | Blog

“June Tate is a proficient storyteller who will take you through the events in her characters’ lives with wit and warmth.”

“The author crosses from one story to the other, maintaining a fast pace and shifting narratives with consummate ease so that the reader is barely aware of how she has done it; we are thus quickly drawn into both stories simultaneously and empathise fully with both women.”

“Both characters develop well throughout the novel to become strong, independent women and the author creates an authentic post war atmosphere with lots of interesting detail. As always, June Tate is easy to read and fluent in style. She takes you on her journey and you are surprised when you finally put the book down and you are there. I picked this book up at every opportunity in order to read more about the Brides of War and loved every moment. Highly recommended.”

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About the Book

97807490184741947. Excited and in love Gracie Brown leaves her home in England and moves to America with her husband Jeff. With little money and no job prospects, the couple move in with Jeff’s parents whilst they find their feet in a land where promise seems to only come to those who start off far better than they have. Rich and stylish Valerie Brampton has just arrived in New York to move into her new swish apartment with American husband Captain Ross Johnson. When Valerie discovers more about Ross’ life as she meets more of his family she’s left feeling increasingly isolated. Uprooted from their lives in England, GI brides Gracie and Valerie must face up to their new surroundings and overcome the troubles that come their way in order to be with the men they love.

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