#FridayReads: Liberties Press

Happy Friday! This weekend, we’re reading books from Liberties Press, one of Ireland’s leading independent publishers. Keep reading to see a bit of their wide-ranging collection. 

The Pursuit of Being Awesome

9781910742310The Pursuit of Awesome: Stellar Musings & Advice on Achieving Your Dreams is a positive, motivational read for anyone with a dream. Global rock stars, international sportsmen, best-selling authors and Oscar winners tell their stories, of going from small town kids with high hopes and big ambitions, to ‘making it’.

Dive into the world of film, TV, radio, publishing, fashion, sport, and feel inspired by the successes of those who are living their passions. Acquire a unique insight into these alternative contemporary careers directly from the people pursuing them: go on the road with Hozier and Kodaline, score a try with Rob Kearney, go behind the movie scenes on the set of Gravity, walk the red carpet with Laura Whitmore, score a million pound publishing deal with Derek Landy, step into Kensington Palace with fashion designer Paul Costelloe, go viral with Cian Twomey, go to Hollywood with Cecelia Ahearn, cast spells on the of Harry Potter with Evanna Lynch and win the Open Championship with Rory McIlroy.

Crammed with invaluable advice from role models and professionals in the limelight, The Pursuit of Awesome uncovers the struggles and highs of life in the fast lane. An essential read for those of all ages, looking to seek creative and innovative career paths.

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Thickets Wood

9781909718272Thatchbury is a village much like any other, yet beneath the surface flows a stream of angst and superstition. The shadow of Thickets Wood creeps amongst its people like a primeval mist, bringing torment and desperation. Do Charlie Whitehall and young Tommy Tinkit come under its destructive power, driving their minds to despair, or is the darkness a consequence of their own guilt and fear?

Thickets Wood is a compelling work of psychological suspense, and Rebecca Reid is an emerging writer to watch. Her self-published first novel, The Coop, was published in 2012 to much critical praise: “Brilliant.” – Colin Bateman; “Original and disturbing. This is a beautifully written debut.” – Sue Leonard, Irish Examiner; “Great page turner!” – Marie-Louise Muir, Arts Extra, BBC Radio Ulster

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Brand New Retro

9781910742174A beautiful compendium of Irish pop culture magazine scans since the 1960s. Brand New Retro features hundreds of rare images, adverts and articles on Irish youth culture, encompassing music, fashion, TV, sport, design and advertising. From the creator of the multi-award-winning website BrandNewRetro.ie, Liberties Press is delighted to return these gems of print ephemera to their former glory by reproducing them in printed form in this book.

Brand New Retro provides an original insight into our Irish popular culture past by publishing a regular weekly supply of retro Irish images, articles and adverts. Brand New Retro won ‘Best Entertainment Website’ at the Irish Web Awards in 2013 and ‘Best Pop Culture Blog’ at the Irish Web Awards in 2013. It has been referenced by many other leading sites, TV programs, newspapers and students.

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A Ball of Fire

9781905483457John Montague, best known as a poet, is also a gifted prose writer. A Ball of Fire collects all of his short stories, together with the erotic novella The Lost Notebooks (which he hoped to have banned, but which ended up winning a major literary prize). In the shorter stories, from The Road Ahead, which comments poignantly on the loss of established landmarks, to the title story, in which a series of chance encounters helps unlock a painter’s creativity, he casts a cool yet sympathetic eye over his environment, both in Ireland and farther afield.

The longer works – The Lost Notebooks (about the incendiary relationship between a troubled American girl and a young Irish man in Florence), Death of a Chieftain (a daringly ambitious story set in Mexico) and The Three Last Things (a moving meditation on love and death) – stand as pillars within the book. Montague’s clear prose is shot through with hard-won insights into his fellow human beings, and the various burdens, physical and emotional, under which they labor. And of course through it all runs the theme of the importance of love, in its many forms.

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