Thursday Book Review: “Children’s Children”

This week’s featured book is a Sabateur Awards-nominated title from Liberties Press: Children’s Children by Jan Carson. Keep reading to see what reviewers think of this unique, poignant collection of short stories. 

Children’s Children by Jan Carson review: sharply written and inventive

Sarah Gilmartin | The Irish Times

“Carson’s debut collection, Children’s Children, offers 15 sharply written and inventive stories that focus on the family and its role in society.”

“Her stories move effortlessly from reality to dystopia to surreal vignettes in a style that recalls the up-and-coming American authors Laura van den Berg and Diane Cook.”

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Book Review: Children’s Children

Jackie Law | neverimitate

“The author writes with a distinct and original voice. Her prose is rich and satisfying offering up the humour and poignancy of the folk she creates with heart-rending perceptiveness.”

“Some of the tales are told in a straightforward style whilst others stray into allegory and surrealism. Always the prose is beautifully structured, the words invade the senses.”

“It was pure pleasure to read these tales.”

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Children’s Children by Jan Carson

Zoe Brooks | Magic Realism

“The characters in the stories are mostly ordinary folk, but they have something that sets them apart and makes them struggle. This is reflected in Carson’s remarkable ability to write passages that combine the mundane with original and telling observation”

“In contrast to most short story collections, which usually have a few less strong stories among the good, I found all the stories in the collection strong and moving.”

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Children’s Children by Jan Carson

Orla McAlinden | Sacred Chickens

“In this new collection, Carson invites us to look afresh at our society, and at how we treat our most vulnerable; our young, elderly, demented or simply lonely citizens. A prayer of a book, without a word of preaching, even in the penultimate story which is a gentle, carefully nuanced look at faith, and how it is absorbed and passed on.  Highly recommended.”

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About the book

9781910742297Children’s Children is a collection of fifteen short stories which cast a darkly humorous and oftentimes acidic eye, over life in post-conflict Northern Ireland. The stories contained in the collection are an eclectic selection of pieces which vary from traditional literary fiction to magic realism and subtle experiments with the short story form. They deal with the theme of legacy; the achievements, issues and problems this generation has inherited from the previous. Disillusioned street preachers, adulterous grocery shoppers, robotic brothers and child burglars are all given voice to express their experiences of life in contemporary Northern Ireland as Carson blurs the line between social commentary and modern parable.

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