Thursday Book Review: “Cheating the Hangman”

For all you mystery & thriller lovers, don’t miss this week’s featured book: Cheating the Hangman by Judith Cutler. See what readers have said about this Tobias Campion series novel! 

‘Cheating the Hangman’ by Judith Cutler

 Dorothy Marshall-Gent | Promoting Crime Fiction Blog

Notwithstanding the horror of the events that unfold as the book progresses, Campion narrates his memoir with self-deprecating frankness and humour.  He accompanies the reader through numerous enigmatic twists with the charm of an amiable companion, an experience that I enjoyed immensely.”

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Cheating the Hangman

Nancy Henshaw | Historical Novels Review

“Do not miss one word when reading this elegant, faultlessly edited, sometimes terrifying and hugely entertaining novel, which deserves high praise for a wonderful but unsparing picture of country life in the early 19th century.”

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Cheating the Hangman

Midwest Book Review

“Now with “Cheating The Hangman” she has once again demonstrated her impressive skills as a novelist and storyteller. An ideal selection for community library large print Mystery/Suspense collections, “Cheating The Hangman” will prove to be a highly entertaining addition for the personal reading lists of all enthusiastic mystery fans.”

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About the book

9780749017484A fork of lightning and a crash of thunder herald the completion of a heinous crime.

In woodland belonging to the eccentric Lord Wychbold, a body has been crucified on a tree. On Easter Day, the Reverend Tobias Campion returns from morning service at St Luke’s and discovers the corpse, already beginning to putrefy. A crown of thorns frames his face, bludgeoned beyond recognition, and a loincloth preserves what is left of his modesty.

The victim will not rise again, though the well-concealed secrets of the village will have to if the perpetrators are to be found. After a postmortem examination fails to identify the victim, Tobias and his old friend, Dr. Hansard, pledge to uncover the truth.

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