Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly

We’re excited to share these reviews of forthcoming Pen & Sword Books titles found in the January issue of Books Monthly! From an Ancient Mesopotamian anthology, to genealogy, to Georgian history and more, there’s something for every reader here.

Click here to view the full January issue of Books Monthly.

An Anthology of Ancient Mesopotamian Texts

“As someone who has been brought up on fables and fairy tales, this book is a complete and utter delight to me, the opportunity to read such stories from other cultures and civilisations. A beautiful book all round.”

Forgotten Songs and Stories of the Sea

“A prime example of the brilliance and the eccentricity of the men who made it their business to explore the high seas. For me, the most interesting section covered the Victorians, but the entire book is a delight from start to finish!”

Tracing Your Boer War Ancestors

“Superb study of archive documents from a war that is now largely ignored by the vast majority of people. Jane Robinson’s suggestions for finding out about an ancestor who served in this conflict are terrific, and the book will be immensely useful to archivists and genealogists.”

In Bed with the Georgians

“I have always been a fan of the Regency – I loved reading Georgette Heyer’s amazing books about Regency Beauz and Belles when I was a teenager; Mike Rendell’s gorgeous book reveals another side to the Georgians – their sexual excesses and couplings, and although it’s a side to the period I’d rather not let interfere with my love of Georgette’s romances, it is nevertheless a fascinating insight into what went on outside of marriage and courtship. Terrific!”

A Right Royal Scandal

“More Regency revelations! This is most definitely not the world described by Georgette Heyer! Another superb work of history penned by two people – I suppose a nonfiction book might be easier for two people to write than would a work of fiction… that’s not important. This time, the authors, Joanne and Sarah, uncover an intriguing tale of someone quite specific in Regency London. On second thoughts, it could have been written by Georgette Heyer… Enthralling stuff!”

Click on the book covers below to learn more about each title.

9781473834347    9781473878655    9781473822429    9781473837744    9781473863422


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