Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly

In their December issue, Books Monthly has written great reviews of several of our titles, in genres such as Tudor history, transportation, and biography. See what they had to say about our books! 

Tudor Victims of the Reformation

“Those of us of a certain age will remember Keith Michel’s brilliant portrayal of Henry VIII and the men and women who graced his court. Younger viewers will be familiar with Wolf Hall. The people are the same, and in this wonderful book Lynda Telford, they’re brought back to life. Much more information thanin anything a TV show or a film could give you – this is brilliant!”

History of British European Airways

“A magnificent history of British European Airways, its fleet and the places from which it operated, opening new horizons for air travel from its inception in 1946 to its merger with BAC in 1974. Sueprb.”

Urie and Maunsell 2 Cylinder 4-6-0s

“I know there are people who will lap up every page of this fantastic pictorial history of the 4-6-0s – they are awe-inspiring pieces of machinery, built to last and to work. An amazing tribute to the manufacturing processes and the people who created these amazing machines.”

Going to Extremes

“I have never heard of Harry de Windt – Stephen Wade brings to life someone who would surely have graced the gossip columns of the late 19th and early 20th century newspapers, and his story reminds me of another giant from that era: Harry Selfridge. Brilliantly researched and written, a joy to read.”

About the Books

Click on a cover image to learn more about each title:

9781473834033        9781473886629        9781473852532        9781473863545


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