Thursday Book Review: “The Silk Tree”

One of our newest releases from Allison & Busby, The Silk Tree by Julian Stockwin is the first book in his new Moments of History series. This series consists of standalone novels which focus on turning points in history – this one, on how silk came to Constantinople. Keep reading to see what reviewers have said and to learn more about this fascinating historical fiction title! 

The Silk Tree

Marilyn Sherlock | Historical Novel Society

“Here, Julian Stockwin takes this tale and turns it into a fascinating story, full of colour and incident.”

“I enjoyed this book very much and will look out for this author again.”

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‘The Silk Tree’ by Julian Stockwin

Craig Buchanan | Buchanan Review

“Julian Stockwin is best known for his ‘Kydd’ series of nineteenth century nautical adventures, but with the publication of ‘The Silk Tree’ he changes tack, delivering instead a tale of Byzantine exploration, complete with historic detail, raucous action, and wry humour.”

“…a fast-paced, yet well-researched action-adventure.”

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The Silk Tree

FIRE Reviews

“It is then a pleasure to find another gripping story unfolding, showing the familiar style of the author and demonstrating careful research that produces an entirely believable historical novel. This new book from Stockwin is just such a book.”

“Stockwin has ingeniously combined two versions of the story of the transfer of the secret of silk to Constantinople to produce a single tale of great power and entertainment.”

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About the Book

9780749017538Forced to flee Rome from the barbaric rampages of the Ostrogoths, merchant Nicander meets an unlikely ally in the form of Marius, a fierce Roman legionary.

Escaping to a new life in Constantinople, the two land upon its shores lonely and penniless. Needing to make money fast, they plot and plan a number of outrageous money-making schemes, until they chance upon their greatest idea yet.

Armed with a wicked plan to steal precious silk seeds from the faraway land of Seres, Nicander and Marius must embark upon a terrifyingly treacherous journey across unknown lands, never before completed. But first they must deceive the powerful emperor Justinian and the rest of his formidable Byzantine Empire in order to begin their journey into the unknown…

An adventurous tale of mischief, humour and deception, Nicander and Marius face danger of the highest order, where nothing in the land of the Roman Empire is quite what it seems.

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