October 10th is World Mental Health Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of mental health and encouraging discussion about the subject. Liberties Press published a wonderful series of books by a doctor based in Ireland who is fully committed to seeking to counteract the disruptive effects of mental illness. Dr. Harry Barry regularly features on Irish national radio and in national print to discuss mental health issues, including Today FM and The Irish Independent. In the spirit of World Mental Health Day, we’d like to share his series of mental health books with you. 

Flagging the Problem

9781905483976Flagging The Problem: A New Approach to Mental Health uses a new way of identifying and dealing with mental health problems using color-coded flags by a medical doctor with extensive experience in the treatment of mental health issues. It is made up of five main sections. Each is marked with a colored flag, represents a particular mental state or area of concern: Green Flag explains the normal mood system, the Red Flag deals with depression, the Yellow Flag addresses anxiety, the Purple Flag deals with addiction, and the White Flag addresses the issue of suicide. There is a technical section, and extra appendices at the end of the book, including information on self-help groups and a list of commonly used medicines.
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Flagging Depression

9781907593413Major depression affects up to 15 percent of the population. Many people have a genetic predisposition to the disease, which can be triggered by significant life events or prolonged periods of stress. Happily, most people, given the correct treatment, recover well from depression.
Depression is still poorly understood by the general public. In Flagging Depression, family doctor and mental-health specialist, Dr. Harry Barry offers advice to those suffering from depression, and their friends and family members, on what depression is, how it can be treated, and how to reduce the risk of subsequent bouts, He outlines a holistic approach to depression, featuring lifestyle and dietary changes, talk therapy, and medication. In straightforward language, he gives practical advice on how people suffering from depression can feel better, get better, and stay well.

“For those dealing with the pain of depression, Harry Barry’s latest book, Flagging Depression: A Practical Guide, offers a simple step-by-step guide for a sure path to recovery.”
Dr. Muiris Houston, The Irish Times

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Flagging Anxiety & Panic

9781910742327Countless people in Britain and Ireland live in a fog of fear and worry, where anxiety cripples their capacity to live normal lives. In Flagging Anxiety & Panic, Dr Harry Barry lays bare the hidden world of the person struggling with anxiety and shares what routinely goes on in the ‘emotional mind’ of the person in difficulties.
Whether you suffer from anxiety and phobias, or are a professional working with this population, this book will provide the latest treatment solutions for overcoming the fears that stand in the way of living a full, happy life. Flagging Anxiety is about solutions. Reading this book will result with a rich understanding of the buried world of anxiety, alongside practical solutions to combat it.

“If you or someone close to you suffers with any form of clinical anxiety then this book is a must read”
The Irish Times

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