#FridayReads: Cozy Mysteries

These delightful mystery tales are perfect for an autumn night! Curl up with one these cozy mysteries this weekend. 

The Primrose Pursuit

9780749019679Primrose Oughterard, an eccentric artist living in East Sussex, has recently taken custody of her dead brother’s cat and dog.

Following his heroic death rescuing another parishioner from impalement on a gargoyle, his sister feels duty-bound to take responsibility for the two animals.

The arrangement results in a number of questionable entanglements including the usual mishaps of murder, foiled intentions, concealment of evidence – plus a peculiar maneuver on the cliff at Beachy Head.

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A Southwold Mystery

9780749017491Rosy Gilchrist has been asked to accompany Lady Fawcett to visit Delia Dovedale, an old school friend in Suffolk whom she hasn’t seen for years.

Rather reluctantly Rosy agrees to be her companion on this reunion jaunt.

But on arrival at their hostess’s house the two guests discover that things are far from normal, and find themselves plunged into a series of bizarre and sinister events.

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Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation

9780749011390Monsieur Pamplemousse is looking forward to a well-earned break in the South of France courtesy of his employer – all he has to do is collect a piece of artwork for Le Guide’s Director. But when his contact fails to show and a dismembered body is washed up outside the hotel, the holiday mood evaporates. As Pamplemousse struggles with the case (and with modern technology) his ever-faithful bloodhound Pommes Frites is on hand offering proof why, during his time with the Paris Sûreté, he was one of their top sniffer dogs. Monsieur Pamplemousse on Vacation is packed full of the charming blend of comedy, crime and cuisine that Michael Bond’s creations have become famed for and which are fondly savored.
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No Suspicious Circumstances

9780749080594It can be tough working undercover for HM Revenue & Customs, but DJ Smith has more than a little help from her trained sniffer cat, Gorgonzola, a moth-eaten Persian with gourmet tastes and a mind of her own.
This first investigation finds DJ and Gorgonzola on the trail of a heroin smuggling ring operating in and around Edinburgh. Here DJ meets a cast of memorable characters including American golfing fanatic Hiram J Spinks, the glamorous Italian Signora Gina Lombardini, and the not so glamorous self styled gastronome extraordinaire Felicity Lannelle.
Beneath the innocent surface of the country house hotel eddies a sinister undercurrent. As one death follows another, who among the guests specialises in making murder look like accident?
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