Thursday Book Review: Books Monthly Reviews

This month, several of our books from various publishers have been featured in Books Monthly’s book reviews! These historical fiction, mystery, true crime, genealogy, and history titles received wonderful reviews, and we’re excited to share them with you.

You can read the full September issue of Books Monthly here>>>

Keep reading to see what Books Monthly had to say about our titles. 

The Farmer’s Daughter

By Mary Nichols | Allison & Busby

“Mary Nichols manages to conjure up a wonderfully real atmosphere as we near the end of the second world war – it’s not hard to see why Jean is attracted to Karl, after all most of the young men she might have been tempted to form an alliance with have gone off to war. Mary’s captivating passages are a delight to read, and the sense that you’re there, in 1944, is overwhelming. Superb.”

The Honeyfield Bequest

By Anna Jacobs | Allison & Busby

“Anna is one of those authors for whom recreating the past is deceptively easy. Part detective story, part high romance, The Honeyfield Bequest is part of a series, and I do wish I’d read the others in the series. Kathleen is a superb character and dominates the story. Domestic abuse was rife in those days, and Anna handles it superbly. This is quite simply the perfect holiday read.”

Akin to Murder

Alanna Knight | Allison & Busby

“With police detective work very much in its infancy, this is a very well written, hugely enjoyable piece of historical fiction – I have heard of the author, and may have read one of her books previously, but I don’t remember when and I certainly don’t remember reading anything set in Victorian Britain and with this setting as good as this. There have always been people trying to bring criminals amd murderers to justice in one way or another, but it was during this period of our history that an organised police force was established. The atmosphere in Alanna’s book is electric, and there is no doubt that you are reading about something that occurred in Victorian Britain. I particularly like the front cover photograph, it evokes memories of Dickens, and Whitechapel. Quite, quite superb.”

The A-Z of Victorian Crime

M.W. Oldridge, Neil Bell, Kate Clarke, Trevor Bond | Amberley

“This book indeed deserves a place on every crime reader’s bookshelf, in fact it deserves a place in any self-respecting library. Victorian Britain continues to be a place of mystery for most people – professional historians, and in particular crime historians, may well be au fait with much of its contents, but for the layman, this wonderful book opens doors that were previously closed to the majority of us.”

Tracing Your Kent Ancestors

David Wright | Pen & Sword

“I’m pretty certain that I don’t have any Kent ancestors, at least none turned up when I did my version of Who Do You Think You Are? for the Norman/Kimber family. Nonetheless, this is one of my favourite Pen and Sword series, always fascinating to read about how to research your ancestors, no matter where they were from, and much of what aithor David Wright says applies equally to my, and your ancestors. Brilliant!”

The Ingenious Victorians

John Wade | Pen & Sword

“We’ve seen some stunning TV series about the Victorians, the latest being Full Steam Ahead, which examined the mind-blowing changes brought about by the steam railways that filled every corner of Britain during the reign of Queen Victoria. Not everything they invented, it seems, was quite as successful. John Wade’s brilliant book contains some of the weirdest and funniest inventions imaginable, some fairly simple, others reminiscent of William Heath Robinson – all of them fascinating, though, and John’s book is superbly readable.”

Accused: British Witches Throughout History

Willow Winsham | Pen & Sword

“Reads almost like a screenplay for a major TV series! Case studies of various “witches” from the middle ages to the last century, this book examines in great detail the women whose lives were under investigation for practices that were – and are – considered wrong by the authorities. A history book that looks at real people in the context of an almost inquisition-like persecution. Fantastic.”

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