Thursday Book Review: “The Scattering”

This week’s featured book reviews focus on a fascinating Penguin Random House South Africa fiction title. The Scattering by Lauri Kubuitsile tells the story of two seemingly unconnected women, and at the same time tells the story of early twentieth-century South Africa and the horrific wars that occurred during that time. See what readers have been saying about this moving, captivating book, then go purchase your copy!

Book Review: The Scattering by Lauri Kubuitsile

Karina Magdalena | Originally Published in the Cape Times

The Scattering impresses on several fronts. Through the life stories of two seemingly insignificant women Kubuitsile links two seminal events of the early twentieth century history in Southern Africa. Two fates out of millions, but they personify the remarkable resilience of women throughout history”

“Kubuitsile’s depictions of war, violence and oppression are vivid but never gratuitous. Her writing is lyrical, affecting. It allows the reader to develop a deep sympathy for the characters, especially when they are confronted with impossible choices which leave no one unscathed.”

“The Scattering is one of those superb historical novels which live on in the reader, simultaneously sounding a warning and shining the light of hope.”

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Book Review – The Scattering

Maria Vosloo | Writers Write

“The Scattering is a historic novel which tells a tale of two strong women from different backgrounds, who survive against all odds during the Southern African colonial wars.”

“The Scattering is a beautiful story of unbreakable bonds, love and new friendships. I truly enjoyed it and will recall the characters with fondness for some time to come. “

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Book Review – The Scattering by Lauri Kubuitsile

Janice | Jan’s Book Buzz

“Through exquisite, evocative writing, Kubuitsile weaves the story of these two resilient women who must overcome shocking odds in order to survive.”

“The circumstances and conditions they have to endure are described here in detail that makes the reader shudder. But this is a story that must be told. Africa’s colonial wars are rarely, if ever, conveyed from a female perspective, and the fact that we have an author who is boldly willing to do this, and who has done it so admirably, must be lauded.”

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Bonus: Check out this interview with author Lauri Kubuitsile:

Love in a time of genocide: Jacqui L’Ange talks to Lauri Kubuitsile about her novel The Scattering

Jacqui L’Ange | Books Live

“Lauri Kubuitsile insists that she didn’t want to write a book about war. She wanted to write a novel that transcended the statistics, one that made war real through individual stories. The Scattering does that and more. She has created an epic tale of love in a time of horror.”

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9781485903079The Scattering

At the turn of the twentieth century, colonial wars were being waged across southern Africa. The Scattering tells the story of Tjipuka, the daughter of a Herero chief, whose life is shattered during the brutal Herero wars.

Fed up with the German occupation of their land, the Herero people had staged an uprising that led to extermination orders from a German general: kill every Herero man, and spare neither woman nor child. Having survived the massacre at Ohamakari, Tjipuka flees into the desert with her child. Her husband is presumed dead. From the desolate no-man’s-land of the desert to the death camps on Shark Island and the border of Bechuanaland, Tjipuka has to find the courage – and the will – to survive.

Meanwhile, in the Transvaal, 25-year-old Riëtte is forced into marriage with her brutish neighbor. When he is taken captive and their farm is set ablaze – part of the British scorched-earth policy – she and his daughters are herded into a concentration camp.

The Scattering follows two women’s journeys through history as they wrestle with betrayal, loyalty, hope, and the struggle to survive.

Purchase your copy here>>>
also available from all major booksellers


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