Travel Tuesday: Let These Books Take You on a Journey

Travel books have the power to take you all over the world without ever leaving your house. This week, we’re excited to share with you some of the most recent additions to out Travel bookshelf, along with some old favorites. Read on to travel the globe!

9781775843702Baobabs of the World

A photographic masterpiece, this beautiful book is a fitting tribute to the baobab – an extraordinary and majestic tree found principally in Madagascar, and peripherally in Africa and Australia.
The first section offers a short introduction to the classification and general description of baobabs, details of their life history, bio-geography, dispersal and their role in people’s lives. The second section comprises a guide to each of the eight baobab species, including botanical description, details of their habitat, distribution and principal uses, accompanied by clear images and line drawings of the leaves, flowers, fruits and growth habit of each species.
Interesting text and lavish photographs throughout make this book irresistible for specialist botanists and lay enthusiasts alike, and it will have particular appeal for tourists too.
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97806206705174×4 Travel Guide: Eastern Africa

This comprehensive planning guide to 4×4 travel through eastern Africa (Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia) is based on first-hand travel experience.
Introductory chapters give detailed general information and guidance on itineraries, what to take, potential costs, fuel availability, road conditions, security issues, requisite documentation, medical precautions, check lists, bush recipes and more. This is followed by descriptions of the routes traversed by the author and her party through six countries. Route maps and detailed, sensible advice equip future travelers with all the necessary information required to plan and carry out out a trouble-free trip through the region.
This handy companion has easy, bulleted text and contains numerous photographs.
An invaluable guide for 4×4 explorers to these less-travelled, but hugely rewarding, parts of the continent.
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9781928213383This Is Botswana

This is Botswana takes the reader on a panoramic journey of discovery – from the arid vastness of the Kalahari Desert to the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta. It is a compelling visual essay on the country, its people and its wildlife.
More than 250 stunning photographs provide an exciting and diverse overview of the country. These are complemented by a detailed introductory text that both establishes historical perspective and offers insight into the realities of a country moving hesitantly, but with hope, into a challenging future.
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9780961768317The Middleburg Mystique

The Middleburg Mystique is an inside look at the people, places, and mystique that surround this horse-crazy Virginia village. It reveals why “20118” is such a desirable zip code. Through the years, there have been scandalous stories of divorce, such as when actor Robert Duvall’s wife ran off with the “hunky” pool man; and murders among the rich, like when arms heiress Susan Cummings shot her Argentinean polo-playing lover.
Moon also tells stories of other less notorious, but still fascinating residents, such as 77-year-old Anna Beavers, who has spent her life collecting clothing for poor children, namely the employees of wealthy farm owners. There’s the freelance bartender who drinks his own mistakes—and often needs a ride home. And the party hostess who refused to call the rescue squad when her bartender died just as the guests were arriving—the poor soul couldn’t be helped anyway, so why ruin the festivities?
Moon’s book is not just a collection of stories about the wealthy and their quirks, though. Scattered throughout are recipes for dishes served at traditional Middleburg events, such as the annual Hunt Breakfast (usually held at 2 PM). In these pages you learn how to tailgate Middleburg style—as well as make TV weatherman Willard Scott’s famous Strawberry Pie, and the ham biscuits served at Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding to Senator John Warner. Another chapter is devoted entirely to the gardens of Middleburg—and the four garden clubs that serve the area. And no description of Middleburg would be complete with some attention to the most important events in this horse-obsessed town: the fox hunts and steeplechase races.
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9780620611329101 Kruger Tales

A collection of 101 jaw-dropping stories, as told by the very people who experienced them – first-hand accounts of sightings, scrapes and encounters in one of Africa’s greatest National Parks. It details hair-raising experiences from the Kruger Park’s roads, camps, picnic sites and walking trails, such as: An enraged elephant flips a car onto its roof; a lioness prises open a terrified couple’s car door; a fleeing impala leaps through an open car window; a hyaena snatches a baby from a tent; a tourist takes a bath in a croc-infested dam. Bedside book, travel companion, dip-into – wherever you are, this exciting book will transport you directly into the bush.
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978192057250150 Must-See Geological Sites in South Africa

The book presents 50 of the most recognizable and geologically interesting sites around South Africa, including some of paleontological or historical renown and some of mining interest. The diverse selection includes sites such as Chapman’s Peak, Howick Falls, Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, Mapungubwe, Tswaing Meteorite Crater and the Fraserburg Fossil Surface.
Each site is unpacked to reveal: key features; geological heritage; landscape and rock formations; topics of local or historical interest; things to see and do at the site and in the surrounding area. Maps and GPS pointers make the sites easy to find, and some of the more complicated features are explained by means of simplified diagrams. Nearly 1,000 color images illustrate South Africa’s remarkable geology and bring the topic vividly to life, making the book suitable for armchair travel too.
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Exploring the Nevis Range POD 15.2mm_Layout 1Exploring the Nevis Range and Mamores, Scotland

Designed as the most comprehensive guide available for the hill walker exploring the Nevis and Mamore ranges in the Scottish Highlands around Fort William, this book describes in detail the best and most rewarding routes across the area, ranging from peaceful strolls through scenic glens to ascents of the principal Munros (peaks over 3000ft) and Munro Tops. All the walks have been tried and tested by the author, an experienced climber and outdoorsman as well as a professional geologist, and each is graded accorded to difficulty. Each route is described in detail and accompanied by a sketch map, an altitude profile and high-quality photographs to help the reader choose a route. There is also a wealth of valuable information about history, geology and mountain flora and fauna.
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9781938086168Route 66

Route 66 was the iconic highway of twentieth-century America, stretching from downtown Chicago to the Mississippi River at East St. Louis and proceeding through the Indian lands of Oklahoma and the Southwest to Los Angeles and the Pacific Coast, connecting Americans physically and culturally. In this engaging, meticulously researched, and fully illustrated study, Arthur Krim explores the fascinating history and complex symbolism behind this most famous American highway—both on the ground and in the mind.
Route 66 traces the iconography of US 66 first as an idea, then as a fact, and finally as an enduring symbol found in classic American books and films, songs and television programs, and pop art. While the antecedents of Route 66 are to be found in the prehistoric trade and hunting paths of the Indian peoples, in the Spanish expeditions of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and in the wagon trails and railroad routes of the nineteenth century, construction of Route 66 during the twentieth century ushered in the revolutionary era of the modern American highway and of cross-country automobile travel.
In his innovative study, Krim discloses how the highway transcended its gravel and concrete physicality to become an enduring metaphor for the American spirit of exploration and discovery, freedom and hope that is historically found by its people heading west. He draws on a wealth of scholarly and visual materials to examine how Route 66 evolved through each passing generation, from Main Street boosters during the road’s early development to John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath during the Dust Bowl years, from Bobby Troup’s unforgettable ‘(Get Your Kicks on) Route 66’ to renditions of the song by Chuck Berry and the Rolling Stones during the early rock and roll years, from Jack Kerouac’s classic book, On the Road, to the cult film, ‘Easy Rider,’ and the television drama, ‘Route 66,’ during the pop culture years, to recent regional and mass-marketing advertising of products that rely on the transcendent Route 66 name.
Combining history and geography, metaphor and captivating iconography, Krim reveals how Route 66 compressed disparate socio-economic events, traditional democratic ideals, and emerging cultural ideas into the national memory of Route 66 that prevails today. Route 66, now available in an elegant paperback edition, is a pioneering book not to be missed.
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