Thursday Book Review: In Search of our Ancient Ancestors [with bonus videos!]

Hey family historians & genealogists, today’s featured book review is for you! In Search of our Ancient Ancestors is a fascinating study of our ancients ancestors (going all the way back to single-celled organisms), and the story of our 40,000 year quest to understand our past.

And don’t miss Anthony Adolph’s YouTube series, In Search of our Ancient Ancestors (filmed to accompany the book!). Part 1: Evolution, and Part 2: Stone Age Britain are now available for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading to check out both videos and see what reviewers have said about Anthony Adolph’s book, In Search of our Ancient Ancestors.

In Search of Our Ancient Ancestors

Petros Koutoupis | Ancient Origins

“In this publication, renowned genealogist, Anthony Adolph, tackles the difficult by tracing the origins of modern man through science and mythology, from as early the Big Bang. It is quite the ambitious undertaking, but I must admit that Adolph succeeded in accomplishing his goal.”

“From the very start of this book, each new section brings more details than the last and with good reason. The closer we come to the present, the more we understand that part of history.”

Read the full review here>>>

In Search of Our Ancient Ancestors

“Sub-titled ‘From the Big Bang to Modern Britain, in Science and Myth’, this does exactly what it says on the tin – opening our eyes to our individual places ‘within the greater family tree of humanity’.”

“Exploring what our ancient and not-so ancient ancestors believed and thought about themselves makes for interesting reading, as we see how and why origin myths developed – and how, in fact, they are all part of the same story.”

Read the full review here>>>

In Search of our Ancient Ancestors Film Part 1: Evolution

In Search of our Ancient Ancestors Film Part 2: Stone Age Britain

About The Book

Layout 1“What a fine long pedigree you have given the human race.”
Charles Darwin to Charles Lyell, 1863.

How is the Royal Family descended from fish? How distantly are we related to dinosaurs? How much of your DNA came from Neanderthals? How are the builders of Stonehenge connected to great-grandpa?
According to science, life first appeared on Earth about 3,500 million years ago. Every living thing is descended from that first spark, including all of us. But if we trace a direct line down from those original life forms to ourselves, what do we find? What is the full story of our family tree over the past 3,500 million years, and how are we able to trace ourselves so far back?
From single-celled organisms to sea-dwelling vertebrates; amphibians to reptiles; tiny mammals to primitive man; the first Homo sapiens to the cave painters of Ice Age Europe and the first farmers down to the Norman Conquest, this book charts not only the extraordinary story of our ancient ancestors but also our 40,000-year-long quest to discover our roots, from ancient origin myths of world-shaping mammoths and great floods down to the scientific discovery of our descent from the Genetic Adam and the Mitochondrial Eve.
This is the amazing story of our ancient ancestors, as told by one of Britain’s leading genealogists.

Purchase your copy here>>>

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