Thursday Book Review: “The Last Roman” Series

This Thursday, I’m excited to share with you reviews of all three books in The Last Roman trilogy: Vengeance, Honour, and Triumph.

Jack Ludlow is a prolific writer of the historical fiction genre, and his well-researched tales never fail to entertain. Fun fact: He also writes naval historical fiction under the name David Donachie.

Keep reading to see what reviewers have said about The Last Roman trilogy!

The Last Roman: Vengeance

Ann Northfield | Historical Novels Review

“This is the first novel in a projected trilogy, and it starts with a bang.”

“The period details ring true, and the impact of Christianity onto the Roman world adds an interesting and unusual dimension. Fans of Bernard Cornwell will be lining up for this one and will be anxiously awaiting the next in the series too, as am I.”

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The Last Roman: Honour

Alan Cassady-Bishop | Historical Novels Review

“With no holds barred, this follows the campaigns of a young Flavius, who ignores the febrile politics of the rulers, only to serve with honour and honesty in the seemingly endless struggles against the Persians and then the North African Vandals.”

“This novel is a good read! It’s lively and atmospheric and handles the characters – real personalities from history – with subtlety and sympathy.”

Read the full review here>>>

The Last Roman: Triumph

Nancy Henshaw | Historical Novels Review

“The novel, especially the Italian section, gives a thrilling account of every aspect of warfare: sieges, pitched battles, sudden reversals, improvisation, all presented with clarity and excitement. An altogether great achievement from an experienced and deservedly popular author.”

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About the Books

9780749014315The Last Roman: Vengeance
Fifth century of the Byzantium Empire. Flavius Belisaurius is son of the Governor of Dorostorum City, and his father has two goals: to keep out the barbarians and to expose the deep roots of secular and ecclesiastical corruption. Seeking to prevent a raid, the Governor enlists the help of the powerful magnate, Gaius Donatus. Donatus’s corruption is widespread but his support is crucial to win the battle. But Donatus betrays this trust and Belisaurius Jnr witnesses the death of his father and the irretrievable tarnishing of his reputation. With Belisaurius’s life changed for good he swears vengeance on the man that betrayed his father and begins a journey from which there is no virtuous way back.

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9780749014469The Last Roman: Honour
Justinian, a paranoid leader, desperately wants the lost provinces returned to his rule but must first dispatch his brave general, Belisaurius to fight the Persians in the East. Justinian grows concerned that Belisaurius will grow successful and courageous in his feats, thus becoming a threat to his power and person. He subsequently dispatches him on a near-impossible mission to North Africa to take back from the Vandals what was once Ancient Carthage. Meanwhile back in Constantinople, Marcus Donatus has found favor with Empress Theodora, wife of Justinian, in the hopes of being able to influence Justinian himself.

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9780749014612The Last Roman: Triumph
Who can Flavius Belisarius call an enemy? The Goths he must fight to take Italy back for the Byzantium. Or Empress Theodora, who fears his ambitions. There is his own wife, betraying him in more than one way and Justinian, the unreliable emperor he helped to the throne. Sixth Century Byzantium is a hotbed of intrigue. Count Belisarius, the empire’s most successful military leader, must navigate a world infested with too many enemies, few friends and fight and win battles on the way.

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