Books Monthly’s Book of the Month

Not one, but two Allison & Busby titles have been named Books Monthly’s Book of the Month in the July issue! Legacy of Greyladies by Anna Jacobs and Waterloo The Bravest Man by Andrew Swanston are the recipients of this honor. Keep reading to learn what they’re all about & see why Books Monthly chose each of them as Book of the Month…

Legacy of Greyladies

By Anna Jacobs

9780749020170About the book: Wiltshire, December 1915. Olivia Hanbury is widowed and has been persuaded by her cousin Donald to move in with his meek little wife while he is serving in France. When he’s wounded, he returns home to convalesce. Tensions rise between him and lively Olivia. Her friend Babs involves her in starting the new Women’s Institutes and introduces her to Alex, an antiques dealer.
Meanwhile, Phoebe Latimer is holding the fort at Greyladies, an ancient manor house, while her husband is away at war. But someone is attempting to rid Greyladies of the German internees based there. Their nasty tricks put Phoebe’s life and that of her unborn child at risk.
A chance meeting brings Olivia to Greyladies, and she feels as though she’s finally come home. Alex joins her there. Will these three help one another through these troubled times? Or will violent men destroy Greyladies and all it stands for?

“This is the paperback version of the latest instalment of Anna Jacobs’s brilliant Downton Abbey-like saga – the hardback version was my adult book of the month this time last year, and I have no hesitation in choosing the paperback as this month’s book of the month. Superb characters and plot; Anna’s books are brilliant!”

The paperback version of Legacy of Greyladies is available for pre-order, and the hardback is available for purchase, here

Waterloo The Bravest Man

By Andrew Swanston

9780749019501About the book: June, 1815. The Coldstream Guards and the third guards are waiting impatiently for orders to move into battle against Napoleon and his French army. Every day seems endless as the troops wait for Wellington’s orders.
When word is finally received, the path to glory it is not quite what the troops were hoping for. Hours of marching during the day are followed by restless nights’ sleep in the rain, dampening their spirits and weakening morale.
When the group eventually encounter the French in battle, a special command comes from Wellington himself to Colonel James Macdonell of the Coldstream Guards: hold the château at Hougoumont and do not let the French pass. What happens next is history.

“Andrew’s account of one of the skirmishes of the Battle of Waterloo is intense and hugely enjoyable. With the one hundredth anniversary of the Battle of the Somme looming, we should not forget the battles of this incredible war from two hundred years ago. Superb historical novel.”

The paperback version of Waterloo The Bravest Man is available for pre-order, and the hardback is available for purchase, here.

You can read the full July issue of Books Monthly here>>>

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