#FridayReads: Take Your Dog To Work Day

Happy Friday, everyone! This Friday is particularly happy because it’s Take Your Dog To Work Day. Sadly, we don’t have any office puppies I can share pics of at work today, but I did pick out some great books all about dogs in celebration of the best day of the year 🙂
Keep reading & check out these perfect #FridayReads…

Dog LogicDog Logic
Keen to turn your disobedient dog into the perfect pooch? Tired of man’s best friend ending up in the doghouse? Why not take an informative and entertaining walk on the wild side, with Dog Logic, a unique view of the world, one that is both canine created and related. Whether your best friend is a blue blood or a bitser, Dog Logic has them licked. Should you let sleeping dogs lie, exactly who is top dog and can you teach old dogs new tricks? Dog Logic helps get you on the right scent and ensures you’re not barking up the wrong tree. And who better to take you on a journey deep into the canine world, but a member of the pack himself; Sox, the quintessential Aussie cattle dog and four legged philosopher. With 20 chapters covering issues from barking, beds and biting, to worrisome walks and everything in between, Sox offers his humorous but practical advice on resolving your doggy dilemmas. Supported with terrific tips from humans in the know, each chapter provides both canine and two-legged advice that is fun, uplifting and relevant. As a RSPCA puppy who overcame a difficult start to life, Sox is proof that a dog from the wrong side of the pound can achieve greatness. As the creative canine consultant to Dog Logic, Sox is no stranger to fame having written a regular full page column in bark! Australia magazine. Combining the creative genius of Sox the Philosophical Pooch, and his human assistant, Robyn Osborne, Dog Logic is the must have book for anyone searching for the ideal canine companion.

Dogs GrewThe Dogs Who Grew Me
Join Ann Pregosin and her six singular dogs in this delightful “walk in the park.” First meet her childhood Moppet, the lively little American Cocker Spaniel who taught her about love; then Della, the sleek black Great Dane who taught her devotion. Tag along with Timber, the wolf-hybrid whose extraordinary beauty inside and out taught her grace. Meet Boo, her iron-willed Rottweiler, who taught her that no one is exempt from the bad things in life. Indulge yourself as Daisy, her chocolate American Cocker Spaniel, becomes the Master Instructor of the merits of “creature comforts;” and celebrate with Tyler, her Bernese Mountain Dog, who is teaching her how essential it is to really appreciate the joys of life. The other lessons taught by these six dogs that “grew” Pregosin as a person are as seemingly simple, but ultimately as profound as the unfettered wag of a happy dog’s tail.

Dog Friend

The First Dog to be Somebody’s Friend

This Inquisitive dog-loving Child (of which there are very many on Planet Earth) learns without being told that the Dog is Man’s Best Friend. But how did this come about?

This story was lost in the mists of time for century upon century . . . until now!

At last, Tom Stacey has found out and written down the full and deeply moving story, which he has shared in every detail with Angela Landels who has drawn the pictures of how it happened.

Police DogPolice Dog Heroes
*Coming Soon – Available for Pre-Order*
The British Transport Police was the first Police Force in the UK to establish a dog section when Airedale terriers began to patrol the docks of Hull in 1908. Since then, dogs from the force have served in two world wars, aided police in combating terror attacks, and hunted down countless criminals.
Here, Layton and Rogerson traces the history of these faithful servants and bring us over forty thrilling, shocking, and sometimes humorous first-hand recollections from retired officers and handlers who fought crime and protected the public alongside man’s best friend. As those on the wrong side of the law become ever more sophisticated in their methods, the dogs have kept pace, and today form a key part in the fight against drugs and terror on the rail network.
Included here are accounts of such atrocities as the Lockerbie bombing and the 2005 terror attack in London, where the heroic actions of these unsung heroes of the force and their handlers were epitomized by BTP police dog Vinnie, recipient the PDSA Gold Medal – the animal equivalent of the George Cross.

Dogs LifeIt’s a Dog’s Life for the Other Half
Steve Ankers’ wife Margaret and big brother John have been vets all their lives, so Steve has spent a large part of his life helping one or other of them, sometimes both, through amusing, harrowing and occasionally disgusting encounters with creatures of all varieties, shapes and sizes.
The experience has given him a hilarious fund of tales about adventures with animals and their owners, from llamas, wallabies and escaped alligators to dodgy greyhound trainers and the cat that ate a Chihuahua.
Sometimes moving and often extremely funny, this is a very well-written account of life working closely – sometimes TOO closely – with animals.

SnowySnowy the Doganaut
Snowy is a dog with a difference – an alien canine who arrives on Earth in a UFO, with ears where he should have eyes, eyes in the back of his head and a tail on his side. Can an ambitious veterinarian make him normal, even if he has to travel to Pluto to do it? This is a book that makes you laugh just to look at it. It has sold over 100,000 copies in Brazil, and is now available in English for the first time.

HealHeal Your Dog the Natural Way

The popular vet and animal homeopath, Richard Allport, shows how to heal your dog naturally through foods, homeopathy, herbal medicine and a variety of other methods, many of which can be done at home.

A radio regular, Richard understands both dogs and their owners and combines his expertise with accessible language to show readers how to treat their dogs from using banana skins for warts to getting dogs to take pills in a stress-free way. No dog owner should be without this book.

Call WildThe Call of the Wild
Buck recognized the wild brother. He was whining softly, and they touched noses. A second wolf, old and battle-scarred, came forward and sniffed noses with him; he sat down, pointed his nose at the moon, and broke out in a long wolf howl. Buck, too, sat down and howled. Buck, a big, powerful dog, is kidnapped from his California home and sold as a sled dog in the Arctic. In his new environment he must learn quickly how to deal with man’s club and dog’s fang, or he will not be able to survive. He is transformed by two opposing forces – his love for John Thornton who saved his life, and the memories that awaken within him of the ways of his ancestors, both dogs and wolves. How will Buck survive, and not just survive, but become a leader of dogs and eventually a leader of wolves?
Real Reads are accessible texts designed to support the literacy development of primary and lower secondary age children while introducing them to the riches of our international literary heritage. Each book is a retelling of a work of great literature from one of the world’s greatest cultures, fitted into a 64-page book, making classic stories, dramas and histories available to intelligent young readers as a bridge to the full texts, to language students wanting access to other cultures, and to adult readers who are unlikely ever to read the original versions.

CopsK9 Cops
In this fascinating book, Nigel Allsopp lifts the lid on the world of police dogs, examining the vital roles they play both in Australia and around the world. Despite the numerous high-tech devices now available to law-enforcement officials, ‘K9’s – as they’re known in the trade – remain an indispensable part of police work in a range of fields, notably terrorism and border protection. K9s may sometimes be sent into difficult and dangerous situations, but this is never done without care and concern, for at the heart of their role is the intimate and symbiotic relationship between dog and handler. K9 Cops explores the history, training and current use of police dogs, as well as considering what future dogs have in modern law enforcement. It also includes an A-Z of police canine units in 47 countries. For all police and military personnel, K9 Cops is an informative, must-read book. For the rest of us, it is an entertaining and heartwarming account that dog lovers the world over will enjoy.

magpieWalking Magpie
For a sneak peek at some of the beautiful photos from the book, click here.
People love dogs, and dogs love people. Walking a dog is one of the most visible and mutually beneficial manifestations of that bond. It is a ritual steeped in affection and obligation. It doesn’t have a day off. It doesn’t pay the bills or clean the dishes or do the laundry. Still, people and dogs alike gain the benefits of exercise, socialization, shared experiences and observations. Another benefit, often overlooked, is the pleasure of mutually indulging a trait that ordinary dogs share with extraordinary people: curiosity. This book is, in many ways, an ode to curiosity. Walking Magpie is about a dog and what a dog sees. It is also a work of serious photography by a well-known and pioneering landscape artist: Chuck Forsman, who, for more than forty years, has been a keen observer of the interface between landscape and culture as expressed through his paintings and photographic art. As a result, Forsman often goes to places that might not be on everyone’s radar screen. In this book, Forsman took a camera with him during his walks with Magpie, the family dog. Often, these walks are in the neighborhood and surrounding hills where Forsman lives: near the Flatirons in Boulder. But Magpie joins Forsman on other adventures, from Alaska and the Northwest Territories of Canada to Florida, Ohio, and New York City. The intent is to turn these experiences into art. With each picture we sense mystery rather than clarity, questions about place rather than answers. We hardly can know what a dog knows, but with this book we can appreciate better what a dog sees and senses and experiences, helping the human and canine imagination to meld, at least a little. Walking Magpie is published in conjunction with a retrospective of Chuck Forsman’s photographs at the Denver Art Museum in October 2013. Published in association with the Denver Museum of Art.

All of these books are available for purchase (or pre-order) on our website. Just click on the title or cover image of the book you’d like to view! You can also purchase these books from any major bookseller.


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