[Recent Releases] The Latest Titles from Allison & Busby, Amberley, and Pen & Sword

We recently received a plethora of brand new titles from Allison & Busby, Amberley, and Pen & Sword.

We’ve selected a few of the new titles to share with you here. Subjects include historical fiction, mysteries, history, and true crime. Read on to see the books!

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Historical Fiction
Mystery / Thriller / Espionage
History (Nonfiction)
True Crime

Historical Fiction

A Flight of Golden Wings
97807490180851944: Ruth Aspinall loves flying and soon becomes an accomplished pilot.  When war breaks out and the Air Transport Auxiliary is formed she is anxious to join them.
In America, brother and sister, Jack and Lucy Nelson, experienced pilots, make their way to England, also determined to become part of the ATA.
Jack and Ruth meet, but with danger all around them, Jack won’t commit himself to a serious relationship.  By D-Day, Jack has a Spitfire to deliver to France, but his plane never arrives.  Ruth is heartbroken but cannot accept that she will never see Jack again.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

The Uncertain Years
9780749018580As World War II breaks out, four friends consider the changes that war will mean. Tomboyish Becky plans to join the ATS, her neighbors Bob and Jim the navy and army respectively. Only Becky’s brother Will is left out of the excitement; because of a slight physical disability, he is forced to stay behind.
As the friends are separated, their youthful enthusiasm is tempered by the grim newspaper headlines and their own experiences, and they will feel both joy and pain before the war is over.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Shadow on the Land
9780749019716It is 1942, and the Second World War has been going on for three wearying years.
Work is hard in the Ulster mills in Northern Ireland where Alex Hamilton struggles to keep overworked machines going, just as his wife Emily tries to provide food and comfort not only for their own children, but for the many young American soldiers stationed nearby.
Bad news comes daily, but there is still a welcome for friends and strangers, and moments of happiness come at even the darkest of times.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

The Blacksmith’s Wife
9780749020811County Armagh, 1845. Married to the local blacksmith, young Sarah Hamilton spends her days looking after John and his apprentices at the forge, and her happiness is strengthened by the steady love of her husband and the beautiful green landscape of her home on Drumilly Hill. But when tragedy strikes, her life is changed forever. As the crops across Ireland begin to fail and the textile industry struggles to adapt to new methods, Sarah isn’t the only one enduring hardships. Along with her friends and neighbors, Sarah lives through loss and disappointment, but ultimately discovers courage, love and the longevity of hope.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

9780749019532The beginning of a new series from Jack Ludlow.

The Hundred Year’s War is over and newly-knighted Sir John Hawkswood is headed for France to make his fortune as a freebooter.
Violence and extortion are rife, and the freebooters will stop at nothing to capture the Papal City of Avignon.
This is only the beginning: Italy beckons, and with it, yet more battles against rival mercenaries, powerful cities and the Papal State.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

The Last Roman: Triumph
9780749014612Now available in paperback – the final book in The Last Roman trilogy.
Who can Flavius Belisarius call an enemy?
The Goths he must fight to take Italy back for the Byzantium. Or Empress Theodora, who fears his ambitions. There is his own wife, betraying him in more than one way and Justinian, the unreliable emperor he helped to the throne. Sixth Century Byzantium is a hotbed of intrigue.
Count Belisarius, the empire’s most successful military leader, must navigate a world infested with too many enemies, few friends and fight and win battles on the way.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Mystery / Detective / Espionage

Cheating the Hangman
9780749017484The Parson Tobias Campion Series

It is Easter Day, and a body hangs crucified on a tree. Unlike the Master whom Tobias serves, it will not rise from the dead.

Naked except for a loincloth and a crown of thorns, the victim is unrecognizable, his face bludgeoned to a pulp.

You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Wallace at Bay
9780749018351The Wallace of the Secret Service series.
Following a sanguinary affray on the outskirts of London Sir Leonard Wallace, the famous chief of the Secret Service, found evidence of an anarchist organization set on exterminating all royalty. Carter, Wallace’s astute colleague, joined the anarchists to discover where next they would strike and the secrets of their stronghold. Success seemed assured, but suddenly the tables were turned. Wallace, with his band of courageous adherents found themselves at bay, trapped by desperate fanatics.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Wallace Intervenes
9780749018405The Wallace of the Secret Service series.
Foster, a British agent sent to Germany to obtain vital information, fell passionately in love with Baroness von Reudath, the beautiful confidante of the infamous Marshal von Strom. The Marshal, insane with jealousy and fearing betrayal, seized Foster and had him removed from the sight of prying eyes. The Baroness, after a travesty of a trial, was condemned to the headsman’s axe. But Wallace, the famous Chief of Secret Service, discovered their plight and with cool and calculating he made his plans to free Foster and the Baroness.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Chronicles of the Secret Service
9780749018450The Wallace of the Secret Service series

These further enthralling exploits of Sir Leonard Wallace, the famous Chief of Secret Service and his no less famous lieutenants, Shannon and Cousins – cool, resolute, daring men, ready in an instant for the most perilous enterprise or desperate affray – are in the tradition of Major Wilson’s most absorbing work.

You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

History (Nonfiction)

The Tudor Cookbook
9781445649023Did you ever wonder what the Tudors ate and drank?
What was Anne Boleyn’s favorite tipple?
Which pies did Henry VIII gorge on to go from a 32 to a 54-inch waist?
The Tudor Cookbook provides over 250 recipes from authentic period manuals for starters, mains, deserts and drinks, from swan-neck soup to roasted-alive goose. It even covers vegetarian dishes – the Tudors designed dishes of vegetables to look like meat to be cooked during religious festivals when abstinence from meat was required. The recipes have all been trialed (apart from the illegal swan-based dishes) and include guidence on measurements.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Richard, Duke of York
9781445647449Richard, Duke of York is a man most frequently remembered by history as a pyromaniac who set England alight, his burning ambition and unquenchable desire for the throne igniting the Wars of the Roses. The son of a traitor who inherited a dukedom aged four and became the wealthiest man in England at thirteen, he rebelled against his king, bringing bloody civil war to England. Father to two kings and an ancestor of the Tudor dynasty, his legacy has long been written in blood.
Matthew Lewis seeks to uncover the real man beneath the legend. This book will delve into the source material to peel back the layers of myth and uncover a complex man, who pushed the limits of the political establishment, who dared to fight back and who was forced to do the unimaginable. A complex man with unrivaled power and authority, this book will question the accepted image of Richard, who has been remembered as one whose ambition knew no bounds.
Who was Richard, Duke of York? What drove the most powerful man in England to turn against his king? Was he a ruthless grasper or a selfless guardian?
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

The Real Wuthering Heights
9781445653433Top Withins Farm on Stanbury Moor, West Yorkshire, is internationally famous as the inspiration for Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights and visited every year by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. Apart from the Bronte connection, it stands on the Pennine Way and is one of the highlights for the thousands who walk it each year.
As well as tracing the history of the Withins farms and their inhabitants from 1567 to the present day, this book looks at the everyday life of the farmers who lived there. It gives a full account of the building history, farming practices, textile production, and domestic life over the years and is beautifully illustrated by splendid reconstructions of the buildings and their interiors and of the tools and utensils used in farming, weaving and cooking. It also describes a walk from Stanbury to Top Withins and back to Haworth, detailing the history of all the farms that are passed on the way, and gives a full account of the life of Timmy Feather, the last of the handloom weavers on the moors. In all, this book is the most complete and wide-ranging account of the life and work of a Pennine hill farm ever attempted.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Sir Henry Neville was Shakespeare
9781445654669Who wrote the works of Shakespeare? Revealing newly discovered evidence, Dr John Casson and Professor William D. Rubinstein definitively answer this question. They first present the case that William Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon simply did not have the education, cultural background and breadth of life experience, necessary for him to write the plays traditionally attributed to him.
Instead, the most credible candidate is one Sir Henry Neville, a man who certainly did have all the necessary qualifications. A colorful Renaissance man, educated at Merton College, Oxford, Neville’s life span (1562-1615) coincided almost exactly with that of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and his experience precisely matched that revealed in the plays.
Dr Casson and Professor Rubinstein take us on a breathtaking journey of discovery through the development of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry, compellingly drawing the close parallels between the works and events in Neville’s life. They reveal how Neville’s annotated library books, manuscripts, notebooks and letters show he was the hidden author who survived dangerous political times by keeping his authorship secret. The book contains a great deal of remarkable new evidence, expertly presented, that will challenge anyone’s ideas about who really wrote the Shakespeare plays.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

True Crime

The Case of the Chocolate Cream Killer
9781781593752“The trial which terminated yesterday…revealed one of the strangest and most horrible stories possibly ever told in a court of justice.” (Morning Post).
When the news broke in 1871 of a series of mysterious poisonings in Brighton, shock and horror gripped the Victorian public. Even more disturbing was the revelation that the culprit was not a common criminal but rather a local ‘lady of fortune’ called Christiana Edmunds.
From March 1871 Christiana had sent out dozens of poisoned chocolates and sweets to Brighton’s residents. Her campaign resulted in the death of four-year-old holiday maker Sidney Barker, and wounded countless others. Her arrest in August 1871 provoked such an emotional response from the local public that her trial was moved from Brighton to London’s Old Bailey.
The prosecution anticipated an easy victory. Christiana had not confessed, but witnesses confirmed that she had purchased strychnine and their testimonies placed her at the scene of the crimes. She had a motive too, argued the prosecution; she was a scorned woman. Despite the best efforts of the defense, the jury took only one hour to convict her of the murder of Sidney Barker and the attempted murder of three others. In a last dramatic twist, Christiana was reprieved after being declared insane by the Home Office and lived out her days in Broadmoor.
Alongside Christiana’s case, the book will offer a snapshot of life in Brighton, one of Victorian England’s busiest and most popular leisure resorts. However, this wholesome holiday destination also had a steamy underworld of sexual license, which reached even seemingly secure middle-class young women.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.

Victorian Convicts
9781473823730What was life like in the Victorian underworld – who were the criminals, what crimes did they commit, how did they come to a criminal career, and what happened to them after they were released from prison? Victorian Convicts, by telling the stories of a hundred criminal men and women, gives the reader an insight into their families and social background, the conditions in which they lived, their relationships and working lives, and their offenses. They reveal how these individuals were treated by the justice and penal system of 150 years ago, and how they were regarded by the wider world around them. Such a rare and authentic insight into life in and out of prison will be fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in the history of crime and criminals, in legal and prison history and in British society in the nineteenth century.
You can get your copy here on our website, or from any major bookseller.



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