Father’s Day Books to Share With Your Dad

These books are the perfect gift to share with the Dad who loves reading this Father’s Day!

In this list you’ll find nonfiction books about dads, mysteries to intrigue dad’s inner detective, family-oriented fiction, and more!

For the dad who’s always been there for you…
Choosing Fatherhood
9781938086052Families come in all sizes, shapes, and traditions, each a unique variation of a universal human theme. Whether one comes from a heterosexual, single-sex, or one-parent home, stability and love are paramount. Unfortunately, in the United States, the absence of fathers from their children’s lives has become a real problem. In fact, the Brookings Institute has identified absentee fathers as America’s most pressing problem—greater than the economy, education, the environment, health care, infrastructure, you name it. Why? Because nearly every social ill finds an umbrella, a home if you will, in the fatherless home. Choosing Fatherhood: America’s Second Chance is meant to explore this issue as no previous book has. And it does so through the art of photography, in which Lewis Kostiner makes portraits of dads who are involved in their children’s lives. The book is also accompanied by essays written by leading authorities on the subject: Juan Williams of FOX News, David Travis who was Curator of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago for more than thirty-five years, sociologist Shipra Parikh at Loyola University in Chicago, sociologist Derrick M. Bryan at the Morehouse College, and Roland Warren, former director of the National Fatherhood Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing fatherhood in America, who also served on President Obama’s task force on fatherless homes. Getting fathers to be more involved in their children’s lives is of paramount importance, if the United States is to regain ground as an international leader. Right now, the statistics look grim: forty years ago only eleven percent of America’s children lived in homes without fathers, but today more than a third do. This translates into high poverty rates, high drop-out rates in high school, high rates of incarceration, multiple behavioral problems, and the list goes on. As President Obama has declared, fatherhood does not begin with the ecstasy of conception but with the beauty of childbirth and the responsibilities that come with creating and caring for a human life. Although changes in custody rulings and other policy remedies are possible, behavioral patterns are often outside the reach of policy. Choosing Fatherhood offers a hopeful direction that America does have a second chance at correcting a troubling trend, but time is slipping, and awareness of the problem is an important start.

“Kostiner is a Chicago-based photographer who became involved with the National Fatherhood Initiative, travelled to community-based NFI programs, and met with and photographed fathers and children. This volume presents his photos full page in an elegant volume (oversize: 10″ x 11″) with thorough narrative captioning. Also included are essays by journalist Juan Williams; the former president of NFI, Roland C. Warren; the retired curator of photography of the Art Institute of Chicago, David Travis; Shipra S. Parkih, a psychotherapist from Chicago); and Derrick M. Bryan (Sociology, Morehouse College). They write about the importance of fathers and fatherhood and doing it well and offer suggestions for readings and viewings.”
-Book News, Inc.

For a gift from dad’s favorite daughter…
Fathers & Daughters
9780955507908This book is a first in combining essays from women about their African fathers and vice versa and will not only provide a significant set of insights into the relationship between fathers and daughters but also explore gaps in the perception of African Fatherhood. Fathers & Daughters opens a window on this often, vexing relationship and draws on African experiences that reflect the complexities and nuances of a relationship that is at once universal as it is local. Contributors include prominent African scholars, writers and critics such as Abiola Irele, Simon Gikandi, Harry Garuba, Helon Habila, Leila Aboulela, Paul Tiyambe Zeleza, Abena Busia et al.

“In all, this anthology is worth the read. It gives an African perspective on the father-daughter relationship; showing that it is not always true that fathers are insensitive and uncaring. it fills an important gap in African literature. It is recommended.”

For the dad who likes family-oriented fiction…
My Father’s House
9781907593604Robbie is a simple man who leads a simple life: he is a husband, a father, and a journalist, living and working in Dublin. However, his carefully crafted life has been interrupted by a phone call from his youngest sister, calling, after years of silence, to say his father is ill, and he should come ‘home’. And so Robbie returns to Dromore, Northern Ireland, and to Larkscroft Farm, the place where he grew up and the man he grew up with.
In taking care of his father – an often angry, and complex man – Robbie allows the reader into his past, revealing himself as a child, teenager, and young adult, lost in the often tumultuous world of a dysfunctional family. Such insight is rare and privileged as you begin to see that no-one in Robbie’s ‘new’ life knows anything about his past, not even his wife.
My Father’s House is a real and often raw account of family relationships. In Robbie and in his family there is a myriad of messy, mixed up people, tentatively sewing up the rips and tears on their way to reconciliation. This is a novel about birthplace, family, regret, and new beginnings.

“Bethany Dawson’s novel is a work of subtle force, understated, elegant and quietly powerful.”
-Deirdre Madden

For the dad who likes dark mysteries…
The Sins of the Fathers
9780749082895A young boy running for his life through the snow, his sister hovering between life and death in intensive care: it seems that another father has been driven to the edge and turned on his family when DCI Michael Thackeray reluctantly enters a family home turned blood-stained charnel house. But as he and his lover Laura Ackroyd dig deeper the tragedy becomes darker and much more dangerous. While Thackeray seeks to find where the children’s father has gone, Laura begins to ask just who he is. This seems to have been a family with no past long before its future was so brutally taken away. Who is Gordon Christie? Who is he hiding from? Is it only the police who are looking for him? Where has he gone with a loaded gun and his son in tow? And who seems to be obstructing Thackeray’s inquiry at every turn, driving him to the brink of resignation and Laura to despair? As things fall apart, the tangle of violence they uncover turns lethal and their lives hang in the balance as the police eventually uncover the full tragedy of the elusive Gordon Christie.

“You don’t read a Patricia Hall book for lightness and humour. Instead, you get a grim slice of life in a northern English town, where it seems that the characters can never be happy… Yes, the book is what you expect from her — a bleak and depressing setting, peopled by ground-down unhappy characters. But it feels absolutely real and is difficult to set aside.”
-Reviewing the Evidence

For the dad with an interest in WWII history…
Letters of Stone
9781776090242*COMING SOON*
As a young boy growing up in Port Elizabeth in the 1960s and 1970s, Steven Robins was haunted by an old photograph of three unknown women on a table in the dining room. Only later did he learn that the women were his father’s mother and sisters, photographed in Berlin in 1937, before they were killed in the Holocaust. Steven’s father, who had fled Nazi Germany before it was too late, never spoke about the fate of his family who remained there. Steven became obsessed with finding out what happened to the women, but had little to go on. In time he stumbled on official facts in museums in Washington DC and Berlin, and later he discovered almost one hundred letters sent to his father and uncle from the family in Berlin during the Nazi terror. The women in the photograph could now tell their story. Letters of Stone tracks Steven’s journey of discovery about the lives and fates of the Robinski family, in southern Africa, Berlin, Riga and Auschwitz. It also explores the worldwide rise of eugenics and racial science before the war, which justified the murder of Jews by the Nazis and caused South Africa and other countries to close their doors to Jewish refugees. Most of all, this book is a poignant reconstruction of a family trapped in an increasingly terrifying and deadly Nazi state, and of the immense pressure on Steven’s father in faraway South Africa, which forced him to retreat into silence.

“A personal yet authoritative memoir – an immensely worthwhile read. As an academic Robins has meticulously researched the content, yet it does not read as a lecture. Rather it is a loving family tribute where individual personalities shine through.”
-Gillian McAinsh, The Herald

For the dad who loves cycling:
Richard Mitchelson’s Grand Tour
9781911162018Pens replace pneux and pencils are your peloton as the doyen of British cycle illustrators, Richard Mitchelson, leads you on a magnificent ride through an entire season of grand-tour racing. Fun, dynamic, interactive, and entertaining, Richard Mitchelson’s Grand Tour is infused with a ‘broom-wagon’ full of cycling style, culture, history and humour.
Prepare for the Giro d’Italia by personalizing your race-jersey and cap, or chose to create one of those sported by ‘maglia rosa’ legends down the years. Select your ride, study the route of the Gran Corsa or just design your own road to Milan. Get creative on the Passo dello Stelvio and ‘copy Coppi’ with an Il Campionissimo Dot to Dotti. Move on to the Grand Départ of the Tour de France, design your very own ‘Grand Boucle’ and fill in your race number on the board. Become inspired by colouring the cobblestones of the north’s Arenburg forest, paint your name alongside the legends on the scorched Summer climb of the Col de Tourmalet, and quickly unleash some paints or pens to ensure the colours are in place at an old velodrome before the riders arrive. Party with the icons of the sport – Laurent, Bernard, Gino, Bradley, Fausto, Tom, Eddy, Richard, Marco, Sean, Jacques, Greg, Raymond, Miguel – before showing them your true colours as you progress to Spain’s famed grand tour, the Veulta a España, the Alto de l’Anglirn and other terrifying Iberian climbs. The finishing line is wherever you want it to be.
Grand Tour is a joyful celebration and an inspired, magical journey through cycling’s greatest races. For the ride you’ll need some pens, pencils and a devastating amount of cycling ‘panache’.
[BONUS] You can download FREE sample pages from this book here.

For the dad who appreciates a well-made cocktail…
The Classic Guide to Cocktails

“A new beverage is the pride of the Bartender, and its appreciation and adoption his crowning glory.”

Written in 1887, Jerry Thomas’s seminal bartender’s manual is the definitive guide to cocktails for professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike.Thomas, described as the ‘father of American mixology’, provides the reader with clear and engaging instructions on how to mix a range of popular and more obscure cocktails, with recipes from America, Britain, France, Italy and Russia.From the Spread Eagle Punch to the mint julep, and from White Tiger’s Milk to the Champagne Cup, you will discover all manner of creations to suit any occasion, enabling you to become the ultimate party host.

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