Thursday Book Review: Amberley Books

Today’s Thursday Book Review is special. We’re sharing with you five new reviews of current and forthcoming titles from Amberley Publishing, originally posted on Books Monthly!

Read the May 2016 issue of Books Monthly (until the end of the month) here.

The titles included in this Thursday Book Review are:
Coffee: A Drink for the Devil [Coming Soon]
The Story of the British and Their Weather [Hardback Available Now]
Medieval Medicine [Coming Soon]
The British Witch [Hardback Available Now]
Henry V [Hardback Available Now]

Books Monthly Reviews of Amberley Publishing Titles

9781445648392Coffee: A Drink for the Devil

For years now the Establishment has been trying to decide whether or not coffee is good for us or not. Amberley’s brilliant new book looks at every aspect of coffee consumption with associated facts and figures – amply illustrated and full of fascinating facts and snippets about Britain’s favourite hot drink, this is essential reading for just about everyone that likes coffee. Superb! Time for a cup of coffee…

[Coming Soon – Available for pre-order]

9781445644523The Story of the British and Their Weather

It really annoys me when our weather forecasters get it totally wrong for our area. I rant and rave about it to my wife, and suggest, quite often, that these people should not get paid on the days they get it wrong. An example is when they forecast showers, and it’s already been raining steadily for the past four hours or so. If they don’t really know what the weather is going to be like in a particular region, they should be honest and say so. It’s the wrong forecasts that stick in the mind and become increasingly annoying. Looking out of the window right now, I can see 100% cloud cover where they forecast blue skies and sunny periods. Patrick Nobbs in part speaks out in their faviour, but his wonderful book covers so much more than just forecasting – it’s a fascinating look at some of the most horrendous weather conditions we’ve suffered during the past half century or so – and their consequences, of course.Brilliant.

[Hardback now available | Paperback available for pre-order]

9781445655420Medieval Medicine

With mind-blowing advances in medicine every day in the 21st century, this is a brilliant opportunity to look back at how things were in the middle ages. Toni Mount’s superb book is funny yet serious at the same time, and provides a fascinating account of medieval medicinal practices and beliefs. Superb.

[Coming Soon – Available for pre-order]

9781445622026The British Witch

Maxwell-Stuart’s engaging and fascinating work on witches in Britain will become the definitive examination of this extraordinary phenomenon. For me, the most interesting part of the book is the description of their practices and the fact that more or less every village in Britain had some kind of practitioner. Absolutely brilliant.

[Hardback now available | Paperback available for pre-order]

9781445636795Henry V

The two accounts of Agincourt with which I am most familiar are Shalespeare’s Henry V, which I saw streamed from Stratford last year, and Bernard Cornwell’s superb Azincourt. It is a tale so outrageous in the enormity of its result for the English, and for Henry V, that it counts as possibly the most famous of all English victories ever. Teresa Cole looks behind the scenes at this most iconic of British monarchs, and the result is a hugely enjoyable, singularly entertaining read.

[Hardback now available | Paperback available for pre-order]


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