Weekly Roundup: Bizarre Beauty, a Legend from an Ancient Fortress, and a List All Book Lovers Will Relate To

Bizarre beauty treatments, an emotional WWII-era letter, and fierce female superheroes are just a few of the random, awesome articles you’ll find in this week’s roundup!

  • 7 weird and wonderful Georgian beauty treatments from HistoryExtra

    “…as historical writer Catherine Curzon reveals, the beauty regimes of the Georgian era could put even the most bizarre modern fads to shame…”

  • Feeling a little down about your job these days? Be thankful you’re not tasked with one of these instead: Top 10 worst jobs in history from HistoryExtra
    Jobs featured in this article include resurrectionists, sewer-hunters, and whipping boys.
  • A touching WWII-era letter from History BuffThis Woman Survived Five Years In Nazi Concentration Camps. After, She Received This Letter

    “Sala Garncarz Kirschner was born in Sosnowiec in southern Poland. In the fall of 1940, her sister Raizel was ordered to a Nazi labor camp, but Sala, at the age of 16, decided to take her sister’s spot instead. What was meant to be six months turned into five years of slavery. Unaware of whether any members of her family had survived the Holocaust, Sala headed back to Sosnowiec, but found no trace of her loved ones. Suddenly, after traveling and searching for seven months after being freed, Sala received a letter from Raizel.”

  • This article is worth reading for the picture of the ancient fortress alone! You won’t believe how gorgeous it was. This Amazing Indian Fortress Was The Site Of An Epic Romantic Tragedy from History Buff.

    “Chittorgarh’s most famous legend revolves around a medieval sultan of Delhi, a guy named Ala-ud-din who was so self-confident that he dubbed himself the “Second Alexander.” But he didn’t limit his conquests to his own vassals, attempting to take Chittorgarh…but for love!”

  • The 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster was this past Tuesday. Watch: What Chernobyl looks like now – from a drone is a fascinating video glimpse at the abandoned city of Pripyat (from the Washington Post).

    “During my stay, I met so many amazing people, one of whom was my guide Yevgen, also known as a ‘Stalker’. We spent the week together exploring Chernobyl and the nearby abandoned city of Pripyat. There was something serene, yet highly disturbing about this place. Time has stood still and there are memories of past happenings floating around us.”

  • Thursday was #NationalSuperheroDay. Check out this list of 5 female superheroes you should be obsessed with from USA Today.

    “And so in celebration of this momentous holiday, here are five under-the-radar female superheroes (beyond Wonder Woman and Black Widow and Jessica Jones) you should absolutely know and love. You’re welcome.”

  • Personally, I related to every single one of these. What about you? 15 Slightly Odd Things All Book Lovers Have Done from BuzzFeed Books

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