Weekly Roundup: Fairy Tales, Shakespeare, Prince & Earth Day

Here’s a collection of the most fascinating, funny, random articles we’ve read this week. We’ve got new research on the origins of fairy tales, a sunken Ancient Egyptian city, colorized photographs from early 20th-century Russia, a celebration of the life of a music legend, and more!

  • Researchers Claim That Many Fairy Tales Are Older Than Greek Myths And The Bible from Realm of History

    “According to the findings, many (if not all) fairy tales not only predate the modern European languages, but are also older than most of the world’s major religions.”

  • It’s Shakespeare Week over at HistoryExtra.com. As you might already know, April 23rd is the 400th anniversary of the great playwright’s death. Here are some of our favorite Shakespeare Week articles:
  • Secrets of the sunken city from Daily Mail about the discovery of an ancient Egyptian city, four miles from the shore of the Mediterranean.

    “…hundreds of remarkable objects that Goddio and his team would recover from the sea bed in 2000 and 2001 after rediscovering the lost ancient Egyptian cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus.
    Founded in the 8th century BC at the mouth of the Canopic branch of the Nile, Thonis was the main entry point of goods into the country before the creation of Alexandria. The city was linked by canals to nearby Canopus, seat of the cult of Osiris.”

  • What Russia looked the before 1917… in color from The Washington Post. The process by which these photos were reproduced in color is just as fascinating as the photos themselves!

    “Prokudin-Gorskii’s color photos were recorded as “separation negatives” on black and white glass plates. The camera he used made three sequential exposures through blue, green and red filters. He then printed these negatives as positives, which he inserted into a magic lantern to project and superimpose the frames back through the same combination of filters. The result was a full color reproduction of the original scene.”

  • This week, it was announced that Harriet Tubman will soon be placed on the front of the $20, replacing Andrew Jackson. This article, from The Washington Post, explains (as best they can) why he was put on the $20 bill in the first place: Why was Andrew Jackson put on the $20 bill? The answer may be lost to history.

    “There are more $20 bills in circulation than there are people on Earth, according to Federal Reserve data — about 8.1 billion in all.”

  • Yesterday, the world lost a music legend: Prince. This Buzzfeed article is a fitting celebration of the iconic musician, artist, and songwriter who had such a huge impact on the music industry as a whole: Prince Remade Pop Stardom in His Own Singular Image

    “The eccentric and eclectic musician and songwriter behind massive hits like “Kiss,” “Raspberry Beret,” “1999,” “Purple Rain,” and “When Doves Cry,” transformed popular music in America starting in the late 1970s and early 1980s by blending R&B, funk, pop, and rock, and helped shape a conversation around the mechanics of the music business that still impacts the industry today.”

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