All About Shakespeare

Can’t get enough Shakespeare this week? Us either! Here’s a collection of our favorite works by and about the great playwright, in honor of #Shakespeare400.

Classics Illustrated – Shakespeare Comic Books
Whether you already love Shakespeare’s plays, or if you’ve always wanted to get into them but just haven’t been able to, these comic books are for you! Classics Illustrated tells his wonderful tales in colorful comic strip form, providing an excellent introduction for younger readers, reluctant readers, or those who just want something new.
Prices and availability can be found below the cover images.

Regular17MacbethFrontCoverISBNEd2  Layout 1  Regular5RomeoAndJulietFrontCoverISBN  New Classic Comic Artwork_15.9.15_350.qxp_Layout 1  9781906814663  New Classic Comic Artwork_15.9.15_350.qxp_Layout 1  9781910619926  Regular30JuliusCaesarFrontCoverISBNReprint
Macbeth [paperback] – Now Available $9.95
Macbeth [hardback] – Coming Soon $15.95
Romeo and Juliet [paperback] – Now Available $9.95
Romeo and Juliet [hardback] – Now Available $15.95
Hamlet [paperback] – Now Available $9.95
Hamlet [hardback] – Now Available $15.95
A Midsummer Night’s Dream [paperback] – Coming Soon $9.95
Julius Caesar [paperback] – Coming Soon $9.95

Real Reads – A Selection of Accessible Shakespeare
Real Reads are accessible texts designed to support the literacy development of primary and lower secondary age children while introducing them to the riches of our international literary heritage. Each book is a retelling of a work of great literature from one of the world’s greatest cultures, fitted into a 64-page book, making classic stories, dramas and histories available to intelligent young readers as a bridge to the full texts, to language students wanting access to other cultures, and to adult readers who are unlikely ever to read the original versions.
All the titles below are currently available for $6.95

9781906230449  9781906230456  9781906230555  9781906230470  9781906230463  9781906230562

The Shakespeare Trail
9781445646848It has been 400 years since William Shakespeare, the man heralded as the greatest writer in the English language and England’s national poet, died. Shakespeare has made a profound mark on our culture and heritage. Yet many aspects of his life remain in the shadows, and many places throughout England have forgotten their association with him.
Packed with walking tours, visitor information, maps and photographs, The Shakespeare Trail will bring you closer to Will from Stratford by guiding you to the places he knew and showing how we follow in his footsteps, and the footsteps of his characters, without realizing it. The journey takes us from the place of his birth at Stratford-upon-Avon all the way to London, the beating heart of Early Modern theatreland. On the way, we discover well-known locations such as Anne Hathaway’s cottage and the Globe Theater, but also some surprising nooks and crannies in a place Shakespeare knew well – the old City of London. Included among the locations are Coughton Cross in the Forest of Arden, Kenilworth Castle, Rufford Old Hall and Middle Temple Hall, where the first recorded performance of Twelfth Night took place.
Whether you’re an armchair traveler or are planning a trip to see these places for yourself, The Shakespeare Trail is the ideal companion for any Shakespeare lover.
Now Available $34.95

Shakespeare in Cambridge
9781445641058Opening with a look at a Cambridge play satirizing Shakespeare in his own time, we follow Cambridge’s part in Shakespeare appreciation through the centuries. Against this background the book celebrates the annual, open-air Cambridge Shakespeare Festival.
Playing yearly to around 25,000 people of all ages and from all backgrounds, the festival has been running since 1988. The book illuminates the manner in which their productions increase our pleasure in, and understanding of, Shakespeare’s dramatic art and how his plays were designed, produced and received in their own time.
This book provides a clear guide to complex topics of staging Shakespeare’s plays as well as exploring the bard’s enduring influence in the city, the college and its inhabitants. It is a boon for Shakespeare lovers and scholars of all ages and levels of interest.
Now Available $20.00

Hidden Shakespeare
9781445614366On 26 April 1564, William Shakespeare was baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon. He would go on to be the greatest writer who ever lived. In Hidden Shakespeare, Nicholas Fogg explores Shakespeare’s life, from his family background and education in Stratford, through his career in London, to 1616, when he finally shuffled off this mortal coil.
Fogg examines the circumstances and stories surrounding Shakespeare, providing reasoned answers to the many questions. Did he leave school at the age of thirteen? Did he have an arranged marriage? Why did he leave Stratford to emerge as a star of the London stage? What impact did his life and the period in which he lived have on his work?
William Shakespeare’s talent was the result of a fortuitous combination of environment, epoch and genius. This fascinating new book draws these threads together to provide a more complete impression of the man and his works.
Now Available
Paperback $19.95
Hardback $29.95

William Shakespeare in 100 Facts
9781445656243William Shakespeare is the world’s best-loved playwright. His work is performed all over the globe and his life still tantalises us with its mysteries. The man who created classics such as Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth lived in the most turbulent yet thrilling era of English history. Shakespeare witnessed the flowering of English Renaissance drama and the construction of iconic playhouses such as The Globe. He also lived through the type of political and religious tensions which could see traitors executed on another type of public stage – the hangman’s scaffold.
William Shakespeare in 100 Facts guides us through the lesser-known stories surrounding the ‘Sweet Swan of Avon’. Zoe Bramley invites us to re-examine what we know about Shakespeare, uncovering details from his lifetime and legacy and organising them into easy-to-read, bitesize facts. Be prepared to have myths busted and quirky facts revealed, from the name of his first patron’s cat to how they say ‘to be or not to be’ in Klingon.
Coming Soon $15.00

Sir Henry Neville Was Shakespeare
9781445654669Who wrote the works of Shakespeare? Revealing newly discovered evidence, Dr John Casson and Professor William D. Rubinstein definitively answer this question. They first present the case that William Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon simply did not have the education, cultural background and breadth of life experience, necessary for him to write the plays traditionally attributed to him.
Instead, the most credible candidate is one Sir Henry Neville, a man who certainly did have all the necessary qualifications. A colorful Renaissance man, educated at Merton College, Oxford, Neville’s life span (1562-1615) coincided almost exactly with that of William Shakespeare (1564-1616) and his experience precisely matched that revealed in the plays.
Dr Casson and Professor Rubinstein take us on a breathtaking journey of discovery through the development of Shakespeare’s plays and poetry, compellingly drawing the close parallels between the works and events in Neville’s life. They reveal how Neville’s annotated library books, manuscripts, notebooks and letters show he was the hidden author who survived dangerous political times by keeping his authorship secret. The book contains a great deal of remarkable new evidence, expertly presented, that will challenge anyone’s ideas about who really wrote the Shakespeare plays.
Coming Soon $22.95

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