A New Lease on Life for These Spy Thrillers

The Wallace of the Secret Service series, currently being reprinted by Allison & Busby Books, was a popular spy series written in the early 20th century by a real-life spy.

A.Wilson.jpgAlexander Wilson was a popular and highly acclaimed author of the 1920s and 30s. The characters of his spy thrillers, especially Leonard Wallace and Hugh Shannon, are based on his own fascinating and largely unknown career in the secret service. What we do know is that he was an army officer who worked for MI6. His experiences working as a secret agent add a layer of realism to his spy thrillers. It’s often said that there would be no James Bond or Jason Bourne without Wilson’s novels. Exaggeration? Maybe, but it’s interesting to think that these could be the books that inspired the most-loved spy characters of our time.

In 1933, the Times Literary Supplement called this series “sensational… a genuine piece of forceful story-telling.” Last year, regarding the first book in the series (The Mystery of Tunnel 51), the Daily Mail wrote, “Prepare for a romping read… With the sequels soon to be back in print, James Bond may find he has a worthy rival.” This is one classic spy series you don’t want to miss.

Here’s a look at the nine titles in the Wallace of the Secret Service series, several of which are currently available from all major booksellers.

The Mystery of Tunnel 51
9780749018054Chief of the Intelligence Department Sir Leonard Wallace – bearing always the hall mark of coolness and wit – is up to his earlobes in trouble. Summoned by the Viceroy of India, he makes a rapid flight to India to investigate the mysterious death of British officer Major Elliot and the theft of some very important dispatches.
Now Available $16.95

The Devil’s Cocktail
9780749018108An intrigue against Britain by Bolshevik agents is strongly suspected at MI6. Sir Leonard Wallace sends Captain Hugh Shannon, disguised as a professor of English Literature, to India to get to the bottom of it.
Now Available $16.95

Wallace of the Secret Service
Extreme Nationalists are fighting to relinquish the British government’s power in Egypt. Secret agent Henderson, deployed to Egypt to assess the trouble, sends a coded message to say he’s on the trail of something big… but there’s been no word since.
Now Available $16.95

Get Wallace!
9780749018207Sir Leonard Wallace, the famous chief of the Secret Service, finds that the peace of Europe is threatened by a gang engaged in the theft and sale of national secrets. Wallace gets busy, and is assisted by the gang leader’s own fear of him and his anxiety to get the Englishman into his power.
Now Available $9.95

His Excellency, Governor Wallace
9780749018252The government of Hong Kong has been systematically defrauded of 100 million dollars, state secrets have been sold and funds embezzled. The people who have investigated the crimes have wound up dead, so the British Prime Minister asks Sir Leonard Wallace to take up the post of Governor of Hong Kong and uncover the deadly organization taking hold of the city.
Now Available $9.95

Microbes of Power
9780749018306When two ex-ministers of Greece are given an effusive welcome in Cyprus following their failed attempt to overthrow the Greek government, Sir Leonard Wallace suspects something other than intense sympathy is afoot.
Now Available $9.95

Wallace Coming Soon.jpg

Wallace at Bay
Following a sanguinary affray on the outskirts of London Sir Leonard Wallace, the famous chief of the Secret Service, found evidence of an anarchist organization set on exterminating all royalty. Carter, Wallace’s astute colleague, joined the anarchists to discover where next they would strike and the secrets of their stronghold. Success seemed assured, but suddenly the tables were turned. Wallace, with his band of courageous adherents found themselves at bay, trapped by desperate fanatics.
Available for pre-order $9.95

Wallace Intervenes
Foster, a British agent sent to Germany to obtain vital information, fell passionately in love with Baroness von Reudath, the beautiful confidante of the infamous Marshal von Strom. The Marshal, insane with jealousy and fearing betrayal, seized Foster and had him removed from the sight of prying eyes. The Baroness, after a travesty of a trial, was condemned to the headsman’s axe. But Wallace, the famous Chief of Secret Service, discovered their plight and with cool and calculating he made his plans to free Foster and the Baroness.
Available for pre-order $9.95

Chronicles of the Secret Service
These further enthralling exploits of Sir Leonard Wallace, the famous Chief of Secret Service and his no less famous lieutenants, Shannon and Cousins – cool, resolute, daring men, ready in an instant for the most perilous enterprise or desperate affray – are in the tradition of Major Wilson’s most absorbing work.
Available for pre-order $9.95


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