Publisher Spotlight: Mereo Books

Mereo Books specializes in providing expert help for budding and experienced authors alike. Based in Cirencester in the Cotswolds, they started by forming Memoirs Publishing, which focuses on personal stories and has published more than 100 books. The Mereo imprint was launched in 2013, to cater for the demand for an ever-expanding range of genres. Now, they publish a vast array of titles, both fiction and nonfiction. You’ll find something for any interest within their list!


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Below, you’ll find a few Mereo titles that we find especially interesting. To see our full selection of Mereo titles, click here.

This blog article includes:
Nonfiction for animal lovers
Historical fiction set in a wide range of periods
Military history from World War I through present day wars
Religious and faith-based nonfiction


Animal lovers, check out these books:

It’s a Dogs Life for the Other Half
Itís a dogís life cover POD 18mm_Layout 1Steve Ankers’ wife Margaret and big brother John have been vets all their lives, so Steve has spent a large part of his life helping one or other of them, sometimes both, through amusing, harrowing, and occasionally disgusting encounters with creatures of all varieties, shapes and sizes. The experience has given him a hilarious fund of tales about adventures with animals and their owners, from llamas, wallabies, and escaped alligators, to dodgy greyhound trainers and the cat that ate a Chihuahua. Sometimes moving and often extremely funny, this is a very well-written account of life working closely – sometimes TOO closely – with animals.
Buy it here $21.95 $15.37

The Little Red Patient
Little Red Patient cover_POD 16.2mm.qxp_Layout 1*Coming Soon*
When Louise Wren spotted a tiny animal moving in the gutter as she was driving near her home one night, she screeched to a halt to find it was a fox cub, just a few weeks old, which had been hit by car. Louise has become something of an expert on foxes, having made friends with a whole family of them in her back garden, so she rescued it. The cub’s hind legs appeared lame. Would it have to be put down or would Maddie, as she called the cub, survive with the specialist care of a vet’s family who had other rescued foxes living with them? This is her story.
Buy it here $21.95 $15.37


Historical Fiction lovers, these are for you:

The White Queen of Middleham
White queen Cover_26mm Spine_Layout 1For Anne Neville, a timid and delicate child ignored by her mother, patronised by her elder sister and bullied by her formidable father Warwick the Kingmaker, her childhood friend Richard Plantagenet becomes a source of strength throughout her life. As she moves abruptly from castle to castle, and from England to France, with Warwick’s changing fortunes in the turbulent Wars of the Roses, Anne is a pawn in the dangerous games of political intrigue that she struggles to understand. The third son of the ambitious Duke of York, later King Richard III, is a hero in the eyes of the shy and bewildered Anne, and the key to her understanding of the great events happening around her. Their love, almost wrecked by the feud of York and Lancaster, culminates in great happiness and the last Plantagenet reign in England. The White Queen of Middleham was originally called The White Queen. Under that title it was runner up for the first Georgette Heyer Historical Novel Prize, and was published by Bodley Head.
Buy it here $14.95 $10.47

The Oracles of Troy
9781861512116Achilles and Ajax are dead and the hope of the Greeks has died with them, leaving the army restless for their homes and threatening rebellion. Then a series of oracles appears, utterances from the gods that must be fulfilled if Troy is to be defeated and the war brought to an end. Agamemnon, leader of the Greeks, knows that only one man has the courage and intelligence to complete the tasks set by the Olympians: Odysseus, king of Ithaca. From an island haunted by a vengeful madman to a forsaken tomb and its deadly guardian, from the palace of a hostile king to the sacred heart of Troy itself, Odysseus and his friend Eperitus must follow the trail toward the greatest deception of all time. The Trojan horse.
Buy it here $14.95 $10.47

1914 First Blood
1914 - First Blood Cover POD 19mm_Layout 1It is 1914 and Lieutenant T.O.M. Gunn, Tommy Gunn to his pals, is a young infantry lieutenant in the Sherwood Foresters, just back on leave from India as war is declared in Europe. The British Expeditionary Force is off to fight in France, and Gunn is determined to join in the fray. He throws in his lot with a hastily-formed battalion of reservists, regulars and territorial soldiers who soon find themselves pitchforked into the mayhem of the Western Front. As autumn turns to winter and the men find themselves floundering in the freezing mud of the trenches and facing an implacable German foe, Tommy and his fellow soldiers begin to realize that this is going to be a long war – and they will be lucky to survive.
Buy it here $15.95 $11.17

Gallows Wedding
9781861515452*Coming Soon*
This is the strange, haunting story of two ill-starred lovers, set against the backdrop of the religious upheaval of Henry VIII’s time. Hazel, a peasant girl marked by the witches’ brand and a dangerous beauty, loves Black John, an outlaw and aristocrat, whom she rescues from the gallows. Together they struggle to survive a world in which brutal death awaits at every corner, and stumble along a fateful collision course towards a harrowing climax. The Historical Novel Prize was founded in memory of Georgette Heyer by Bodley Head and Corgi Books. Rhona Martin’s remarkable first novel won the award in 1977, its first year, in competition with 150 entries. Now it has been republished by Mereo Books imprint Romaunce.
Buy it here $18.90 $13.23

Interested in Military History? Check these out:

Cupid’s War
Cupid cover POD 12.2mm_Layout 1Cupid is the moving and inspiring true story of a war horse, one of many thousands that were shipped across the English Channel a hundred years ago to play their part on the Western Front during the First World War. Cupid had been a father’s gift to his 15-year-old son, and when war broke out father, son and horse found themselves facing the horrors of the conflict together. They did not all return. Martin Laurie is the grandson of the young man who owned Cupid and rode her to war. With the aid of his grandfather’s letters and family documents and photographs, he has pieced together an astonishing story.
Buy it here $21.95 $15.37

Prisoner of Japan
9781909304536In the course of the Second World War, more than a quarter of a million European and American soldiers were taken prisoner by the Japanese in Malaysia, the Dutch East Indies and the Pacific. They went on to suffer years of deprivation and brutality, most of them failing to survive at all. Harold Atcherley was fortunate enough to be one of the survivors. Throughout his time as a prisoner, from the fall of Singapore on 15 February 1942 until 14 September 1945, he kept a diary, which he was able to bring home with him. This book is based on that diary, along with other diaries and official documents. He was fortunate enough to count among his friends and comrades the celebrated artist Ronald Searle, whose drawings have been used to illustrate his text; they give a far better impression of what life was like for a POW of the Japanese than mere words can, though neither words nor pictures could ever convey the appalling stench of disease and death on such a massive scale.
Buy it here $21.95 $15.37

Wounded Rangers
Wounded Rangers cover POD 7mm_Layout 1On September 11, 2008, Warrant Officer Dominic Hagans of the 1st Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment became the latest casualty of the Afghan war when an improvised enemy bomb exploded under his vehicle, wrecking his legs and changing his life forever. As he embarked on the long road to rehabilitation and partial recovery, WO2 Hagans decided to record his experiences and those some of his comrades in print. Wounded Rangers is a compilation of no-punches-pulled true stories from the front line, plus the heart-rending story of a mother whose son was critically injured on the battlefield. Harrowing and often shocking as these accounts are, the professional soldier’s determination to do his duty and his indomitable sense of humour shine through. All the proceeds from this book will go to the welfare fund of the 1st Battalion the Royal Irish Regiment, to help meet the cost of caring for their wounded and helping them to adapt and adjust to their injuries.
Buy it here $21.95 $15.37

In Their Own Words
In their own words_Cover_POD 6.70_30.4.15_Layout 1*Coming Soon*
Rachel Vogeleisen is a professional photographer specializing in women’s portraits and fashion. Her fascination with the Second World War was sparked by her discovery as a child that her grandfather, from Alsace, had had to fight for the Germans against Russia. This book, the culmination of ten years of research, is a collection of portraits and testimonials recording the experiences of 21 women who volunteered during World War II, interviewed by the author. The accounts have been left as far as possible in the women’s original words, so that their voices can be heard clearly and faithfully. The women featured in this book are among many who did much behind the scenes without much in the way of recognition. It was not until 2005 that their contribution to the war effort was recognized with a memorial dedicated to the women of World War Two in Whitehall, London. These women are some of the last alive to speak about their wartime experiences in their own words.
Buy it here $28.00 $19.60

If you’re looking for Religious Faith-Based Nonficiton, these have you covered:

God, Creation, History & Faith
9781909304413Peter Heyden had a conventional Christian upbringing, but after the trials of adult life had begun to test his faith in the Church he began to wonder about the basis of modern Western religious belief and worship in its various forms. He set out to find the answers to some challenging questions about the foundations of Christianity and the origins of the Bible. If you have ever wondered why we worship God the way we do and where our beliefs about Jesus and his Disciples, the Holy Trinity, the Resurrection and many other aspects of faith come from, God, Creation, History and Faith will prove fascinating reading. The author’s findings will engage both the committed Christian – of whatever denomination – and the skeptic.
Buy it here $21.95 $15.37

Islam and the West
9781861512987Since its origins in the deserts of Arabia fourteen centuries ago, Islam has grown until today it has one and a half billion followers, nearly a quarter of mankind. Today Islam is feared and distrusted by much of the Western world for its association with religious extremism and terrorism, although the vast majority of Muslims believe only in peace, love and service to Allah and assert that extremism has no place in their faith. Mohammed Jabbar, a Muslim, a British civil servant and a law graduate, has made a special study of the perception of Islam in the West. He has written this book to dispel some of the myths and misunderstandings about Islam, to encourage a rational approach to its study and to look at the prospects for building a better relationship between adherents of this great religion and the rest of the international community.
Buy it here $21.95 $15.37


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