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Check out some of our new releases from January and February. These cover a wide variety of subjects, from business, to romance, to photography, to nonfiction, and more!


ChocLit-logoChoc Lit

The Jade Lioness
9781781892374Can an impossible love become possible?
Nagasaki, 1648 Temperance Marston longs to escape war-torn England and explore the exotic empire of Japan. When offered the chance to accompany her cousin and Captain Noordholt on a trading expedition to Nagasaki, she jumps at the opportunity. However, she soon finds the country’s strict laws for foreigners curtail her freedom.
On a dangerous and foolhardy venture she meets Kazuo, a ronin. Kazuo is fascinated by her blonde hair and blue eyes, but he has a mission to complete and he cannot be distracted. Long ago, his father was accused of a crime he didn’t commit – stealing a valuable jade lioness ornament from the Shogun – and Kazuo must restore his family’s honor. But when Temperance is kidnapped and sold as a concubine, he has to make a decision – can he save her and keep the promise he made to his father?
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9781906931292        9781781890080
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The Wild One
9781781892664Can four wounded souls find love?
Iraq war veteran Dan Mitchell once disobeyed an order – and it nearly destroyed him. Now a national park ranger in the Australian outback, he’s faced with another order he is unwilling to obey …
Photographer Rachel Quinn seeks out beauty in unlikely places. Her work comforted Dan in his darkest days. But Quinn knows darkness too – and Dan soon realizes she needs his help as much as he needs hers.
Carrie Bryant was a talented jockey until a racing accident broke her nerve. Now Dan and Quinn need her expertise, but can she face her fear? And could horse breeder, Justin Fraser, a man fighting to save his own heritage, be the one to help put that fear to rest?
Sometimes, the wounds you can’t see are the hardest to heal…
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Take a Chance on Me
9781781892671*From the new Hot Choc Lit imprint* You know what they say about mixing business with pleasure …
When the breakdown of her marriage leaves Sadie Turner a single mum, she vows that she will make it on her own. After all, why would a smart businesswoman with a PhD and the prospect of a life-changing deal on the horizon need a man?
But Sadie’s man-ban is tested to the limit when she travels to Monaco to meet her potential investor. There she encounters Mac, a rough and ready playboy billionaire who lives life in the fast lane and that’s when the real adventure starts!
But Sadie’s heart isn’t the only thing on the line. There’s also the business she’s worked so hard to make a success; the business that could so easily slip out of her grasp if she doesn’t seal the deal within thirty days…
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Emma and Her Daughter
9781781892725Can ‘second love’ be true love?
It’s 1927 and Emma has returned to England from Canada with her teenage daughter, Fleur. After the tragedies of the past, Emma is ready to start again in Devon, the place she used to call home – despite the bittersweet memories it brings back.
But memories are not the only thing that she has to contend with. There’s also the secret she’s been keeping from her daughter; the secret that’s revealed when an unwelcome visitor comes back and threatens to turn their lives upside down.
Throughout it all Matthew Caunter is rarely far from Emma’s thoughts and, as it happens, much closer than she thinks. Could he be the key to her finally finding happiness, or will Emma discover the hard way that some people are just destined for heartache?
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9781906931728        9781781890936

LibertiesLiberties Press

9781910742136It’s June 1941. Paul Duggan, a young Irish military intelligence officer, is on a secret mission to Portugal to uncover German intentions towards neutral Ireland and, even more secretly, to find out who had informed the Americans of an Irish Minister’s undiplomatic comments while in Lisbon on his way to Washington to plead for arms. Meanwhile, an unmarked American plane crashes in Ireland and its cargo of beer, cigarettes and caviare make their way into the local black market with unforeseen consequences. Then it turns out there was something more than booze on board – a piece of secret military hardware of great interest to the Germans. Duggan and his colleagues find themselves in a complex game of diplomacy and disinformation as politicians in Ireland and America fall out and the spy agencies of Germany, Britain and the United States manoeuvre for political and military advantage. With the help of his Special Branch friend, Peter Gifford, he tries to unravel the plots and avoid the pitfalls. To do so he has to return to Lisbon, the war’s spy centre, where the interlocking intrigues threaten the future of Ireland’s relations with America, put its neutrality at risk, and finally threaten his own life and that of the woman he loves.
Buy it here $15.99
Read the series from the beginning…
9781907593871        9781909718579

A Violation Against Women
9781910742129Kathleen Ward was one of the many women on whom Dr Michael Neary performed hysterectomies, without their consent, at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda. In this powerful memoir, she recounts the devastating impact that the operation had on her – and how she successfully rebuilt her life following the procedure. A Violation Against Women is a compelling story of how one woman dealt with a devastating loss – and successfully took on the medical establishment.

Buy it here $19.99

9781910742051Inspired by 1973’s bestselling book My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday, Bare: Irish Women’s Sexual Fantasies seeks to reveal the innermost fantasies of women, ranging in age from eighteen to eighty. The author conducted a survey of over one hundred women living in Ireland, asking them to describe their sexual fantasies in explicit detail. The results have been eye-opening. Book-ended by a statistic-filled introduction and a theorising conclusion by the editor, Bare aims to shine a spotlight on a topic that was once considered taboo. This collection opens a new dialogue on women’s sexuality. Some stories are short, some are more extensive, many are very beautifully written. The fantasies vary from the mild to the provocative. The stories are written by women, for women, and provides an important and riveting glimpse into women’s sexual thoughts.
Buy it here $15.99

Behind the Mask
9781910742044This is the story of a boy from a small Irish village who became an adventurer, a humanitarian and a doctor to the stars. Part travelogue, part thriller, part celebrity tell-all, you’ve never read anything quite like it.
Patrick Treacy grew up in rural Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Determined to become a doctor, he raised the money for medical school by smuggling cars from Germany to Turkey.
Working in a hospital in Dublin in 1987, a needle he had used to draw blood from a patient with HIV jabbed him in the leg. He took blood test after blood test, wondering whether he was going to die.
Overwhelmed, he moved to New Zealand, away from everyone who knew what he was going through: his girlfriend, his friends and his colleagues. Thus he began a peripatetic existence, working as a doctor around the world.
In Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad, Treacy was arrested and imprisoned, spending days wondering whether he was going to be hanged as a spy. In Australia, he worked for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.
On returning to Dublin, Treacy set up the Ailesbury Clinic, where he worked on the cutting-edge of the new field of cosmetic dermatology, championing treatments including the use of Botox. This brought stars to his doorstep, including the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.
Central to this memoir is Treacy’s personal journey: his efforts to escape the Troubles, cope with the fear that he might have contracted HIV (until he found out that he had not), get over his lost love and defend Michael Jackson’s legacy.
Buy it here $19.99

An Obstacle Confusion
9781910742150“Barney sometimes marched to a different drummer than the rest of us, and these surreal verbal gems have become known as ‘Barneyisms’.” Jim McCann
Barney McKenna, ‘Banjo Barney from Donnycarney’, was one of the founder members of The Dubliners. But Barney McKenna was also famous for another reason: he was capable of bringing any conversation to a sudden stop by uttering something so completely unexpected, and at the time so incomprehensible, as to reduce everyone present to a bemused silence.
An Obstacle Confusion, compiled by the late Jim McCann, is a collection of Barney stories – Barneyisms – which are told and swapped with great relish. When ill health put an end to Jim’s singing career, he decided that this would be an ideal way to use his newfound free time – to try and bring as many of these wonderful flights of fancy as possible together in one place. This book is for those who are already dyed-in-the-wool Dubliners fans, and for who Barney’s name immediately conjures up the image of the burly, bearded banjo genius who dazzled the audience with his virtuosity while charming them with his folksy, no-nonsense personality.
Buy it here $16.99

Medina LogoMedina Publishing

The Art of Falconry
9781909339682The Art of Falconry is an exhaustive guide to the diverse and fascinating world of Falconry. Drawing on author Patrick Morel’s encyclopedic knowledge of the art, it is both intricate and accessible, lavishly illustrated with stunning photography throughout.
Covering the fundamentals of breeding, method and equipment it expands to look at Falconry throughout the world, including the Arab States and the USA.

Buy it here $50.00

A Soldier in Arabia
9781909339637Soldier and adventurer David Neild was the youngest officer to serve in the legendary Trucial Oman Scouts when he joined them at the age of only 20 in 1959. In 1968 Sheikh Saqr bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, with whom Neild had formed a good working relationship, called on Neild to set up and command a national defence force for the Sheikhdom, with the rank of Lt Colonel. Then, in 1972 after the Ruler of Sharjah was assassinated, Neild was asked to establish and command the Sharjah National Guard. The account of Neild’s career in Arabia is set against the backdrop of unrest and uncertainty and the emerging national politics of the day. It is both a valuable historic record as well as an entertaining and honest account, told with empathy and in the lean, objective style of a military man who on a daily basis had to balance the need for rapid political, strategic and tactical decisions with respect for the traditional ways of a complex tribal Arab culture.The evidence of his success is revealed through the enduring relationship that has been forged with HH Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, son of the founding Ruler and his former employer, as well as the continuing presence and strength of both the Ras Al Khaimah and Sharjah Defence Forces. A Soldier in Arabia is a unique first-hand account of a life lived to the full during a significant period of history on the Arabian Peninsula. The author writes with understanding and insight of the sheikhs and soldiers, statesmen and scoundrels encountered along the way. Part memoir, part history, but always full of adventure, this compelling account will provide the reader with a better understanding of a part of the world frequently misunderstood by outsiders and an appreciation of the remarkable man who earned the lasting respect of both the leaders he served and the soldiers he led.
Buy it here $18.00

GFT logo 2George F Thompson Publishing

Memento Mori
9781938086328A poignant memorial to the victims of Colombia’s ongoing, armed conflict, the images in MEMENTO MORI: Testament to Life are at once majestic, accessible, and deeply moving. The book presents four bodies of work in two volumes housed in a transparent slipcase. The first volume contains the hauntingly beautiful images of installation shots of the work as shown in cathedrals, churches, museums, exhibitions, and memorials in Latin America, Europe, Australia, and the United States. The second volume contains the plates of the three series: Drifting Away, images of articles of clothing of “the disappeared,” photographed in water and embedded in huge glass plates framed in steel; Sudarios or shrouds, photographs printed on linen of women who have witnessed atrocities committed against their loved ones; and Relicarios, three-dimensional works of transparent polymer containing mementos and personal effects of the victims.
A moving artist statement, as well as an essay by renowned Mexican scholar Ileana Diéguez on “Images in Mourning,” and an insightful conversation between Diettes and Anne Tucker, the former curator of photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, explore the social, political, and personal implications of the work. MEMENTO MORI is a significant resource in contemporary Latin American studies, as well as for social anthropologists, human rights workers, and those wanting to understand at a very basic level the human cost of terrorism.
Buy it here $60.00

EIP logo.epsEducator’s International Press

The Future of China
9781891928499This geopolitcal book provides a holistic overview of the selected modern Chinese political and cultural systems and the problems associated with a Chinese style “free market” system. The purpose and scope of the book is to accurately inform the reader and the trials and tribulations of the Communist growth dynamic and potential solutions within the sphere of Chinese style capitalism. The premise of the book is to predict, based on the accumulated evidence the short and long term fate of the Chinese system as it currently operates today.

Buy it here $49.95

STRStruik Nature (a Penguin Random House South Africa imprint)

Understanding Minerals and Crystals
9781431700844Minerals are the building blocks of rocks – they make up the solid Earth’s crust. Understanding Minerals & Crystals takes a close look at minerals, how they form, why they differ and how to go about identifying them. It examines the nature of atoms and the way they bind together to form minerals with distinctive crystal structures; discusses the nature and classification of these crystals (with a mineral identification key); and offers detailed descriptions of some 80 common and important minerals, including how they were named, their properties, ID pointers, uses and where in the world they are found. All are lavishly illustrated with full-color photographs. This book will be invaluable to those interested in any of the earth sciences, or in mineral/crystal collecting – from academics and students to general enthusiasts.
Buy it here $20.95

Tilde Publishing and Distribution LogoTilde Publishing & Distribution

Shape Up Your Finances
9780734608260Shape Up Your Finances: The Personal Finances Handbook is for Australian individuals of any age. It is a handy short general guide to help you get your personal finances into shape.
It gives you basic insight into managing your personal finances, outlining what you need to consider through three life stages: early on, working life and retirement. It describes ‘what is’ in a clear and concise way – but without the jargon. And, it includes plenty of practical tips and suggestions to think about.
Shape Up Your Finances includes simple overviews of earning income, controlling spending, building assets, taxes, entitlements, and superannuation. The tax savings tips alone are worth the price of this book! Also included is an outline of financial matters in retirement, including organizing retirement income, making wills – and even funeral arrangements.
Whatever your goals, you get the knowledge and tools to make your own financial decisions. You start by looking at investing in yourself through education and healthcare, so that you can create and maintain your income-earning ability.
Throughout, the emphasis is on internet use. You can research investment information, view your financial statements, use financial calculator tools, shop around for cheaper deals, and do your banking – all online. Key points are summarized at the end of each chapter. And there is also a list of abbreviations at the back of the book.
Shape Up Your Finances will help you gain the confidence and know how to put your own personal finances into better order so that you can live the lifestyle of your choice.
Buy it here $29.95

Leaders – Hired, Admired, Fired
9780734612458Leaders – Hired, Admired, Fired: How to Become a Leader traces the policy and practices associated with the development of leaders in organizations.
There are many definitions for leaders and leadership. In general, a leader is a person responsible for achieving set objectives through the work of others, and for building and maintaining the team. Leadership, on the other hand, is the ability to influence people to a common purpose, using characteristics that inspire trust and confidence.
Leaders – Hired, Admired, Fired tracks the recruitment and assimilation of a leader, and details how a leader can make their mark in an organization. It also outlines the concerns about forming the correct relationships with people – both internally and externally.
Part I (Hired) looked at recruitment and selection, career development, and assimilation. Part II (Admired) addresses the issues of alignment, accountability, and assessment. Part III (Fired) then explores culture, competence and conduct.
Leaders – Hired, Admired, Fired concludes with an overview of key insights (Part IV), including leadership skills, leadership capabilities, coaching and teamwork, and successfully managing the complex challenges CEOs can face. It is also full of examples of leadership practices and of how a leader can successfully manage their own career development while also empowering others.
Buy it here $29.95

Professional Project Management
9780734612441Written in an accessible style, Professional Project Management: Bridging Complexity, Uncertainty and Change, Second Edition, deconstructs project management into language suitable for anyone wanting to improve their project management skills, and would be suitable for tertiary students studying project management as part of their degree as well as for project management practitioners wishing to refresh their knowledge.
Project theory and practice are examined across a variety of contexts, industry sectors and qualification levels, with content covering: scope, time, quality, risk, contracts and procurement, communications management, resources, governance, innovation, lifecycles, sustainability, key stakeholders, strategy and work, as well as health and safety.
The book is structured in four convenient parts: Part I summarizes the discipline; Part II covers the bulk of project management theory; Part III contains a MS Project ‘quick start’ guide; and Part IV includes 14 sample project management templates that can be used with any project. Additional cases also appear in most chapters of this new edition. A wealth of supplementary material is also available from the tilde website, including downloadable versions of the sample project management templates.
Professional Project Management: Bridging Complexity, Uncertainty and Change, Second Edition, aligns to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK 2012). Additionally, it aligns with industry requirements and international best practice. Incorporating aspects of other project management methodologies, this textbook explores the principles, processes, techniques, skills, methods and tools that can impact how projects are planned and managed for success.
Buy it here $74.95

CarnegielogoCarnegie Publishing

Burroughs Wellcome in the USA and the Wellcome Trust
9781905472208Burroughs Wellcome (USA) Inc. is an American company which began as the small New York sales branch of the medium-sized Burroughs Wellcome & Co., established in London by American pharmacists Henry Wellcome and Silas Burroughs. From 1936 the entire Burroughs Wellcome business organization was owned by the Wellcome Trust, founded by Sir Henry Wellcome, one of the most fascinating men of his time. In 1995 Glaxo merged with Wellcome to become Glaxo Wellcome, and just 5 years later it in turn merged with SmithKline Beecham to form the pharmaceutical giant Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK). Concentrating on the story of the New York-based Burroughs Wellcome USA Inc., Roy Church’s masterly history analyses the scientiÿ c research and product innovation in which – in contrast to the parent company – the subsidiary in the US excelled by way of the discovery and development, during the 1980s, of the antiviral drug, Zovirax for the treatment of herpes, and the antiretroviral, Retrovir. The wealth which Wellcome’s companies had created ensured that the future lay with the Wellcome Trust (UK) and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund (US) which continue to perpetuate the Imprint: Crucible Books name of its founder and to fulfill his philanthropic ideals in the twenty-first century on a scale which he could not have imagined.
Buy it here $50.00
Also available in hardback ($80.00)…

The Strange Death of the British Motorcycle Industry
9781905472031The British motorcycle industry once stood at the top level of world production. Before and after the Second World War famous names such as BSA, AMC, Matchless and Vincent led the world in design, sophistication and popularity. Then it all went horribly wrong. Perhaps British bikes were too large, too focused on the sports end of the market, or perhaps just old-fashioned and unreliable? In the face of stiff competition from imported machines, the British industry imploded, and by the 1970s it was teetering on the brink of financial collapse. From a position of dominance — both in sales and in technical competence — the British motorcycle industry was in its death throes. To many the collapse seemed indicative of a wider malaise in British manufacturing industry. But what was the real explanation? At long last Steve Koerner presents an original and in-depth explanation, based on hitherto unused sources, of what went so badly wrong. Fascinating and detailed.
Buy it here $23.95

Front Matter  P.iv "SPLogo" 0.75" x 0.75"  1-Color (PMS 259)  EPSSchreiber Publishing

Portuguese Business Dictionary
9780884003212International business in the 21st century requires a new kind of dictionary. This dictionary fulfils that need. The dictionary is designed to facilitate business between Portuguese and English-speaking countries. The first of its kind, to provide the business terms of the United States and Brazil and Portugal, this is an invaluable tool for communicating in the global market. Up-to-date business terms including banking, the internet, computers, accounting, insurance, real estate, taxes, and more, designed to facilitate communication and cross linguistic barriers.

Buy it here $24.95

Chinese Business Dictionary
chinese cover layout.pmdBusiness language around the world in the 21st century is in a state of rapid change. This creates the need for new business dictionaries that are not tied to the past but rather reflect the new global economy. This is particularly true in regard to an English-Chinese business dictionary, which brings together two economic systems that are far from identical. This dictionary provides translations of American business terms. It covers many areas of business, such as banking, insurance, real estate, export-import, stock market and more. In addition, several hundred business-related computer and Internet terms have been included.
Buy it here $24.95


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