Food Friday: “The Gefiltefest Cookbook”

Today’s Food Friday comes from Grub Street Publishing‘s The Gefiltefest Cookbook. It is a compilation of recipes from “the world’s best loved Jewish cooks.”

9781909166257Book Synopsis
2015 Gourmand Awards Winner – Best Jewish Cuisine
Everyone eats – but in the Jewish community food really matters. Eating is not a casual enjoyment but an expression of culture, history and philosophy. The Jewish communities’ tastes have developed in distinct ways according to family traditions and homeland cultures. To showcase the great variety of cooking styles the Jewish food charity Gefiltefest invited Jewish cookery writers from around the world to contribute their favorite recipes to The Gefiltefest Cookbook. In total, more than 65 internationally-renowned Jewish cooks have contributed to this collection.
Gefiltefest’s founding patron Claudia Roden has written that ‘every recipe tells a story’. No culinary concoction exists in isolation and each has a rich history. For the Jewish community each dish reveals the writer’s roots, global wanderings and also modern practicalities and passions. The book includes a foreword by Ms Roden. The book also features an introduction by Maureen Kendler (with additional research by Claudia Prieto) discussing Jewish cookbooks from the 1840s to the present day.

This recipe is a winter staple – there’s nothing quite like homemade chicken soup!  This Chicken Soup with Handmade Egg Noodles is sure to become a household favorite. And I bet you never knew making egg noodles was so easy! Keep reading for the full recipe.

Chicken Soup with Handmade Egg Noodles
There’s no soup in the world like my grandmother’s chicken soup. As it cooks, it fills the whole house with an intoxicating holiday aroma. My grandmother’s freezer always holds big bags full of the soup and we enjoy it at every meal, winter or summer, holiday or not. The homemade noodles are so simple to prepare, even tastier than croutons and healthier too. I use chicken wings to prepare the soup because they have lost of taste hidden away in them.

Meaty / Serves 8-10

5 celery stalks with leaves • 1/2 bunch dill • 1/2 bunch parsley • 10 chicken wings • 4 chicken drumsticks • 1 turkey neck • 1 parsley root • 1 small white onion • 4 carrots • 5 small red potatoes • 1 kohlrabi • Salt, freshly ground pepper

Handmade Egg Noodles
240g (1/2 cup) potato flour • 240g (1/2 cup) water • 6 eggs, beaten • Salt, pepper • Oil for frying

Place the greens (celery, dill and parsley) at the bottom of a large pot. Wash the wings, the drumsticks and the turkey neck well in cold water and lay them on the greens.
Peel the parsley root, onion, carrots, potatoes and kohlrabi and lay them on top of the poultry parts.
Cover the ingredients with mineral water or filtered water and bring to a boil. Lower the flame, add salt and pepper and cook over a low flame for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

Handmade Egg Noodles
Mix the flour and water in a medium-sized bowl. Add the beaten eggs and season with salt and pepper. Mix to a smooth batter.
Heat a small amount of oil in a frying pan/skillet. Pour a thin layer of the batter into the pan, creating a kind of very slender pancake; fry until golden on both sides.
Place a few of the pancakes on top of one another and roll them up into a plump log. Slowly slice the log into thin strips (less than 1cm / 1/2-inch wide). Serve with the soup.

This recipe is suitable for Passover and is especially useful for gluten-sensitive diners. For a delicate anise flavour, add 1 tablespoon of chopped tarragon to the batter. The noodle logs can be kept frozen and used as needed.

Recipe by Michal Ansky, found on pages 20 & 21 of The Gefiltefest Cookbook.

For more delicious Jewish cuisine, purchase your copy of The Gefiltefest Cookbook here.


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